Discussion from McGrain and Currens (1978)

Christian County, located in the Mississippian Plateaus area of southwestern Kentucky, is bordered on the south by the Kentucky-Tennessee state line.

Two distinct terrains characterize the topography of Christian County. The southern part of the county is a nearly flat to gently rolling limestone plain with numerous sinkholes, sinkhole ponds, springs, and sinking creeks. Elevations of the karst plain generally range between 530 and 600 feet. Little River and Red River, two principal streams crossing this area, are rarely entrenched more than 50 to 60 feet. Fractures in the rock are locally expressed as sinkhole alignments and rectilinear drainage patterns.

The northern part of the county, generally north of U.S. 68, is a higher plateau, characterized by sandstone-capped hills and ridges that produce higher elevations and more rugged terrain. Normal stream drainage patterns prevail here. The highest elevations are associated with knobs perched on ridges in the vicinity of a drainage divide that separates north-flowing tributaries of the Pond and Tradewater Rivers from the south- and west-flowing tributaries of the Cumberland River. Pilot Rock, on the Christian-Todd County line, is the highest point at 966 feet. Pine Knob is 863 feet. Slopes associated with the sandstone-capped hills and ridges are commonly steep, and may be locally precipitous. Local reliefs may be as great as 300 to 400 feet, but are generally less.

The lowest elevation, 390 feet, is at the northwestern corner of the county where the Tradewater River enters Hopkins County. The elevation of the Pond River, at the northeastern corner of the county, is approximately 395 feet. The valleys of both streams are fairly wide and commonly marshy.

There are several small man-made lakes in Christian County. The elevations of those near Hopkinsville are Lake Baxley, 560 feet; Lake Blythe, 593 feet; Buntin Lake, 636 feet; Lake Morris, 581 feet; and Lake Tandy, 570 feet.

Pennyroyal State Park and Pennyroyal State Forest are located principally in northwestern Christian County. Pennyroyal Lake has an elevation of 458 feet, and Lake Beshear, partly in Christian County, is 410 feet. Highest ridges in the state forest exceed 750 feet.

Elevations of communities are Crofton, 608 feet; Fairview, on the Christian-Todd County line, 620 feet; Gracy, 510 feet; Herndon, 525 feet; Hopkinsville, at the courthouse, 548 feet; and Pembroke, 582 feet.

The 7.5-minute topographic quadrangle maps that cover Christian County are shown by name and index code (Kentucky Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Cabinet) on the index map.

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