In northern Hardin County, nearly all drilled wells in the Ohio River alluvium are adequate for domestic use, with many wells yielding several hundred gallons per minute (gallons per minute). Compound horizontal wells set in the alluvium may yield 5,000 gallons per minute, enough for a community or industry. In the Rough River lowlands in the southwestern corner of the county, most drilled wells are adequate for a domestic supply. Depths of drilled wells range from 60 to 300 feet. In much of central, eastern and northern Hardin County, except in the lowlands of the major creeks and rivers, about three-quarters of the drilled wells yield enough water for a domestic supply. In the rest of the county very few wells yield enough water for a domestic supply, except in a few areas bordering streams. Springs with flows of a few gallons per minute to 3,128 gallons per minute are found throughout the county. Many of the springs are of the depression type and yield more than 100 gallons per minute when pumped.

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