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Active Shooter Class Presentations

Shots fired is the last thing you'd expect to hear on campus. While the possibility of being involved in an active shooter incident on campus may be remote, the consequences can be catastrophic. That's why it makes good sense to spend some time now thinking and preparing for it. The University Of Kentucky Police Department have specialized instructors that prepare students, faculty, and staff to have a survival mindset for such an incident. They further train the community in how law enforcement will respond to an active shooting situation and what pre-incident behaviors of concern are.

Survival Mindset: Studies of workplace and school shootings, we know that many of these incidences are often over in a very short period of time-ten to fifteen minutes. Often, you will be the first line of defense in dealing with these particular issues. A study conducted in 2003 by the Illinois State Police Academy on active shooter incidents revealed that, "immediate action taken by personnel who are on-site when the shooting starts is the most effective way to stop the killing."

We will teach you in the Survival Mindset portion the following:
  • What is a protective shield
  • Describe "figure out"
  • Describe "get out"
  • Describe "call out"
  • Describe "hide out"
  • Describe "keep out"
  • Describe "spread out"
  • Describe "take out"

Law Enforcement Response: Your survival may depend on your ability to distinguish between an active shooter and hostage-taker. The actions you take when faced with an active shooter will significantly differ from those actions taken that will increase your survivability in a hostage situation. Responding Law Enforcement officers' intent will be to identify and neutralize the threat. What must you do to distinguish yourself from the armed offender?

We will teach you in the Law Enforcement Response portion the following:
  • The reaction of law enforcement responders
  • What information the responding law enforcement responders need
  • The distinctions between an active shooter and a hostage-taker
  • Describe pre-incident behaviors of concern
  • Describe preventive measures to avert violence

If you and your department or group would like a presentation contact the Community Affairs Office, Officer Alan Saylor, Ph. 859-257-5108.

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