Memorial Hall imageThe U.K. Association of Emeriti Faculty (UKAEF), founded in 1988, is exclusively devoted to the special needs of retirees and their spouses. Membership is open to all retired and phased-retirement faculty, their spouses or partners, and to invited University staff. The Association currently has around 200 members.

The UKAEF has three principal purposes:
1) to enable faculty/staff retirees and their surviving spouses to maintain an active relationship with the University;
2) to promote common interests; and
3) to be of continuing service to the University and its educational goals.

In addition to maintaining professional contacts by belonging to a group of peers, there are several other benefits to UKAEF membership. First and foremost is the benefit of collective advocacy. When problems or questions arise like retirement benefits, parking privileges, health care or representation in discussions about University affairs, knowledgeable UKAEF representatives speak on our behalf. For example, UKAEF members represent the interests of Association members and all retirees on the University retiree benefits committee, Parking and Transportation Committee, and on the Faculty Senate where the Association president has full voting rights.

The Association also informs members about volunteer opportunities that enable them to continue contributing to the community. As examples, members participate in research studies conducted by the Sanders-Brown Center on Aging, serve the visually handicapped as readers at Central Kentucky Radio Eye, and work with economically disadvantaged youth in the community.

Association members also help encourage graduate students who plan to become university/college faculty by funding competitive scholarships. These are awarded annually to students chosen by a panel of Association members from applications solicited by the Graduate School.

Members also profit from the four programs held each year. Knowledgeable, engaging speakers address us on such diverse topics as astronomy, health care, international affairs, humor, the arts, and matters of local and state interest. These luncheon programs also provide a forum for maintaining friendships and making new acquaintances.

These benefits come at a very modest cost. We staff our own committees and plan and coordinate our own programs and activities so there is minimum overhead. Dues are $20 for the academic year and include membership for your spouse as well. There is an additional charge for lunch at the program meetings and there is also the opportunity to contribute to the scholarship fund.