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About Us

The Center for Crop Diversification is managed through a collaboration between the Department of Agricultural Economics and the Department of Horticulture at the University of Kentucky. We also partner with a wide variety of regional and national individuals and organizations.


Christy Cassady Extension Specialist, Horticulture

Christy writes, edits and designs Center publications, handles administrative duties, and fields questions from extension agents and growers about a variety of specialty crops. She is focused on expanding the Center's regional presence, developing new specialty crop resources, and coordinating revision of the Center's existing resources. She holds B.A. degrees in Agriculture and Plant and Soil Science from the University of Kentucky, a B.A. in Journalism from Western Kentucky University, and an M.A. in Journalism from Indiana University.

Contact Christy via email at or by phone at 859-257-1477.




Brett Wolff Extension Specialist, Agricultural Economics

Brett aggregates Farmers Market Price Reports for Kentucky, manages the new website as well as the CCD facebook page. He is focused on facilitation and communication, and he hopes to grow and strengthen regional ties and to continue building timely and useful resources for growers and extension professionals in the region. He holds degrees (B.A. & M.A.) in Sociology of Agriculture and Food from the University of Kentucky. He also has recent specialty crop production experience after working the last 3 years growing vegetables for field and high tunnel research at the University of Kentucky Horticulture Research farm. You can find his full professional profile here.

Contact Brett via email at or by phone at 859-218-4384.


Dr. Tim Woods Extension Professor, Agricultural Economics

Dr. Woods specializes in agribusiness management and marketing with special emphasis on horticulture, food business development, consumer and direct markets, and farm entrepreneurship. He leads the MarketReady: a training program designed to educate specialty crop producers on best business practices associated with selling to grocery, restaurant, wholesale, and other institutional markets. He is also a member of the UK Food Systems Innovation Center, and is currently working on a project entitled Going to the Farm-acy: The Effect of CSA-Backed Produce Prescriptions on Eating Behaviors and Health Outcomes in Rural Kentucky. You can find his full professional profile here.

Contact Tim via email at or by phone at 859-257-7270.