Applying for Housing

How to Apply 

 My UK

Step 1: Begin
Start your application by visiting the Undergraduate Housing link under the myInfo tab on your myUK portal.

Step 2: Personal Details
Help provide us with some personal details to get your application started off right.

Step 3: Background
Provide us some with information about your background.

Step 4: Contract
Your application is a legal document, because you’re officially a member of the Big Blue Nation! Sign the contract agreeing to the terms of your spring assignment.

Step 5: Application Fee
Pay the $50 non-refundable housing application fee. You will be taken to another website for this.

Step 6: Living Learning Program
If you are in the Regular Decision Track, you will need to complete the LLP section of the application by May 1. You have the option to apply for three LLPs. Keep in mind your acceptance into an LLP will determine your room assignment, as each LLP resides in a specific residence hall and your roommate will be a member of the LLP as well. If you’re not interested, please select “No Preference” for all three preferences..

Step 7: Meningitis Vaccination
Get your vaccination! The University of Kentucky requires all students to have a Meningitis vaccination in order to live on campus. Send proof of vaccination to Please do not send these to the housing assignments office.

Step 8: Housing Preferences
Select your preferences for room type and area of campus. Your preference will be taken into consideration, however, housing assignments are based on availability.

Step 9: Roommate Matching Questionnaire
You will be asked several questions to help you find a potential roommate. If you have a specific roommate you would like to live with, you will be able to search and confirm your roommate between April 1 and May 15..

Step 10: Meal Plan
Explore the meal plan options and choose the best fit for you. If a meal plan is not selected by
July 23, 2017, you will automatically be assigned to the “All Access” plan..

Step 11: Find A Roommate
This section simply asks if you would like to be included in search results for others who may be looking for a roommate..

Step 12: Roommate Requests & Confirmations
Request up to three roommate preferences if you have any. The student that you request must have an active application and have made their profile public for you to choose them. It is important to “confirm” your roommate request if you each would like to be paired together.