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Fall Move-In



Welcome to the University of Kentucky and Campus Housing! The University community has been working very hard this summer in anticipation of your arrival. We are looking forward to seeing you in August!


Dates and Times

Move-In Dates and Times are based on enrollment in different programs (Sorority Recruitment, Living Learning Program, Marching Band, etc.) as well as whether you live on an even-numbered or odd-numbered floor. Please plan to arrive during your designated move-in date and time, to help ensure a smooth moving-in process.


Maps and Directions

Check back for the official Move-In Map showing the color-coded route to the unloading area for your residence hall.


Other Helpful Information

What to Bring contains information to help you determine what size linens to bring, whether you need to bring a refrigerator or microwave, and if so, what size, etc.

What Not to Bring contains a listing of items that are not permitted in undergraduate housing.

Please check back during the summer for additional information and updates.



If you should have any questions, please contact Campus Housing or call them at (859) 257-1866.