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Gail Brion PhD

Department: Preventive Medicine & Environmental Health

Title: Raymond-Blythe Professor

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CV: Brion-Gail-CV.pdf

Dr. Gail Brion is the Raymond-Blythe Professor with the Department of Civil Engineering.  She has a joint appointment with the Department of Preventive Medicine and environmental Health.  Dr. Brion has been a civil engineering professor at UK since receiving her doctorate from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1995.  Dr. Brion has interests in the area of research in Control of Water Bourne Disease, Disinfection, Environmental Virology, Fate of Pathogens in Water Environments, Public Health, Water reuse and Water Treatment.  During her time with the university, she has set up her own specialized environmental virology research laboratory and has established the Environmental Research and Training Laboratory (ERTL), a world-class, shared-use environmental research lab used by scientists across the Commonwealth.