College of Public Health students graduating

Strategic Plan

Our Vision is...

To be the catalyst of positive change for population health.

Our Mission is...

To develop health champions, conduct multidisciplinary and applied research,
and collaborate with partners to improve health for Kentucky and beyond.

Strategic Inititatives

  • SI 1: Develop and implement a robust infrastructure and support process to strengthen areas of research expertise in the College.                
  • SI 2: Ensure we have the highest quality faculty and staff to meet the current and future needs of the College.
  • SI 3: Re-engineer and strengthen the graduate and professional programs.
  • SI 4: Position the BPH for continued success and to be one of the most sought after public health programs in the nation.
  • SI 5: Increase giving for long-term financial sustainability and success.
  • SI 6: Collaborate with stakeholders, communities, and the public to solve population health problems.


Academic Excellence

Provide comprehensive competency-based education to ensure graduates are prepared to address public health problems efficiently and effectively.


Measure, be good stewards of, and be accountable to internal and external constituencies for the education, research and service provided by members of the College of Public Health.

Community Engagement

Use the expertise and resources of the College to empower citizens and mobilize communities to improve public health.


Develop a culture of learning in the College characterized by open communication, tolerance, inclusiveness, collegiality, and civility that prepares students to participate in public health initiatives.

Educational Opportunity

Be inclusive in recruiting a diverse faculty, student body, and staff to serve better the public health needs of all population groups.

Organizational Cohesion

Create and nurture an organizational culture that emphasizes openness and collaboration in its governance and daily activities.

Trans-disciplinary Discovery

Facilitate the conduct of rigorous transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary research to address complex public health issues and problems.


Commit to a culture characterized by honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior that pervades all its relationships and activities.