College of Public Health students graduating

CPH 995

Course Information

Credit Hours: 3

Doctoral Research Methods in Public Health

This course focuses on the concepts and methods of health services and public health research. It is structured around the primary stages of research proposal development. It is designed for DrPH students in the College of Public Health and other graduate students who have successfully completed the appropriate prerequisites. Upon completion of the course, students should be able to

  • conceptualize a research project and generate testable hypotheses
  • summarize the literature related to a particular research question
  • describe the various study designs that are used to conduct research
  • understand how sampling is used in the research framework
  • be able to explain the ingredients of basic power calculations (ie. what to bring to the biostatistician)
  • understand and have a working knowledge of the key components of a survey research instrument (questionnaire)
  • understand the importance of qualitative research stemming from focus groups, case-studies, and other ethnographic research
  • have facility with basic statistical tools used to test research hypotheses
  • understand the importance and the processes of data collection
  • understand why data reduction and presentation are important
  • be able to share research findings in appropriate venues