College of Public Health students graduating

Dual Degree Programs


The MHA/MPH Dual Degree Program combines the Master of Health Administration (MHA) degree and the Master of Public Health (MPH) degree, both housed in the College of Public Health. This dual degree addresses the knowledge gap between delivery of healthcare services and management of the health of a population. Students may complete the degree in three years rather than the four years required if the degrees are completed separately. Initial students will be in the MPH concentration in Population Health Policy & Management, which is housed in the same department as the MHA program. For more information on the MHA/MPH Dual Degree Program, contact the MHA Program Director/DGS.

MD / MPH Degree

Students admitted to the University of Kentucky College of Medicine are eligible to apply to the combined MD / MPH program. The combined degree will provide well-trained physicians with additional skills and knowledge in public health policies and procedures, enabling them to provide service to individuals within the context of a healthy community and its unique population characteristics. The MD and MPH program is designed for completion in five years.

PharmD / MPH Degree

The University of Kentucky is one of a few Universities in the US to offer a PharmD/MPH dual degree program. The dual degree program is designed to enable students to obtain both the Doctor of Pharmacy and the Master of Public Health in 4 years, using the PharmD elective course time efficiently and decreasing the number of credit hours necessary for graduation from 206 to 186.

JD / MHA Degree

The JD/MHA Dual Degree Program encompasses the combination of the Master of Health Administration (MHA) degree from the College of Public Health and the Juris Doctor (JD) degree from the College of Law. Students who are currently enrolled in either the JD or the MHA program can be considered for admission to the JD/MHA joint degree program after the end of the first full-time year. Students can complete the dual program in four years, one year less than completing each program individually. Earning a dual degree will make you highly marketable in the job market.