College of Public Health students graduating

Certificate in Maternal & Child Health


The goal of the UK CPH Graduate Certificate in Maternal & Child Health is to prepare public health workers to address multi-factorial Maternal and Child Health (MCH) issues in their communities with a sense of purpose and moral commitment.


1.    To provide participants with theoretical, practical, and relevant educational experiences in MCH to enhance the health and welfare of children, mothers and families using the life course approach.

2.   To use population data to assist in determining the needs of MCH populations for the purposes of designing programs, formulating policy and conducting research or training.

3.   To describe health disparities within MCH populations, offer strategies to address them and respond appropriately to needs based on sensitivity to and respect for diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds and socioeconomic status.  

4.   Demonstrate the use of a systems approach to explain the interactions among individuals, groups, organizations and communities to improve health outcomes of MCH populations.