College of Public Health students graduating

CPH Research Day & CCTS 2017

Schedule Abstracts

Primary Presenter Abstract Title
McDonald, M. Negative Childhood Experiences and Adult Intimate Partner Violence, Sexual Abuse, and Stalking Among College Students: Does a Relationship Exist? 
Luu, H Trends of Opioid Prescribing in Kentucky, 2012-2016
Aroh, A Should the Kentucky legislature adopt a sales tax on sugar sweetened beverages to encourage better nutrition and reduce obesity?
Merritt, A.S. The Young Child Brief Behavioral Screen: Psychometric Properties
Ward, P.J. Developing a County-Level Index Score for Opioid Abuse Indicators in Kentucky
Algarin, A. Spatial distribution of partner-seeking men who have sex with men (MSM) in a mid-size city in the South: An epidemiologic study geosocial networking applications users



Primary Presenter Abstract Title
Blondino, C. Do numbers matter? Comparing single homicide followed by suicide and multiple homicide followed by suicide using the National Violent Death Reporting System, 2003- 2012
Horsley, N.B Occupational Airborne Particulate Exposure and Pulmonary Obstruction: a Proportionate Mortality Analysis
Rhodus, E.K. How is Sensory-based Intervention Used in Dementia Care? A Scoping Review
McDaniel, H. Infant Mortality Rates among Home Visiting Participants
Ballard, A. Effect of Water and Sanitation Access on Childhood Health in Peru 
Yan, D. Alternative Randomization Strategies for Seamless Phase I/II Adaptive Design for Trials of Novel Cancer Treatments
Bedingar, E.K. Motocross For Malaria
Elias, M. Mental Health Intervention During Crises and War time. Public Health Challenges in the Middle East. 
Chen, I-C. On the Use of Optimally Weighted Estimating Equations to Improve the Marginal Analysis of Longitudinal Data in the Presence of Time-Dependent Covariates
Rojas-Ramirez M.V. Severe headaches are not associated with vitamin D deficiency in a national representative adult sample
Liu, M. A Predictive Probability Interim Design for Phase II Clinical Trials with Continuous Endpoints
Katsumata, Y. Rare Variants associated with Alzheimer's Disease
Ford, W.P. An Extensive Comparison of Bias-Corrected Empirical Covariance Estimators with Generalized Estimating Equations in Small-Sample Longitudinal Study Settings
Choate, R. Increase in Exercise Activities in Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficient Patients: Results of a Randomized Trial
Politis, M.D. Referrals to Early Intervention Services for Infants Diagnosed with Microcephaly Residing in Metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia, 2008-2014
McCarthy, M. Millennial's and Suicide: An Ecological Study of Suicide Trends in those ages 18-24 in Kentucky
Conner, K.L. Evaluating the Relationship Between Diabetes and Menstrual Cycle Irregularities
Seals, J. Kentucky's Homicide and Suicide Trends Examined by Stream Analogy For Lethal Violence, 2005-2014
Schneider, C.E. Can Music Be a Preventative Mechanism for Cognitive Impairment: A Scoping Review
Dillon, P.A. A Systems Approach to the Problem of Falls in Old Age
Schuier, M.W. The Process of Divorce: A Time Based Process Model
Mueller, R.L. Beyond Care: Understanding the Meaning of Older Adults' Attachment to Their Pets.
Crawford, B.L.; Hassan, Z.U.; Lattimore, K.N.; Roggemann, K.A. Lean in Healthcare: Time for Evolution or Revolution?
Halbert, D.M. Using Lean Thinking to Improve the UK Student Dental Clinic
Spillman, B.H. Varying Performances in National Preparedness: FEMA Region IV
Edmiston, E.A. Experiential Education through Design of Opioid Prevention Social Media Campaign