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Holiday Rules

We know from self-study that the climate for learning on campus is critically important to student success and to the viability of our community. As we strive to ensure that our students, faculty and staff experience UK as a welcoming environment, we embrace the many aspects of diversity represented on campus and endeavor to be inclusive in the ways we live, learn and work here. This involves respecting, among all else, the religious diversity on campus. Throughout the academic year, members of our community observe various official high holy days of their respective religions. Urging sensitivity to the importance of these days to the observers among us, the campus should be reminded of the Senate vote that established the following rule:

"Faculty shall give students the opportunity to make up work (typically, exams or assignments) when students notify them that religious observances prevent the students from doing their work at its scheduled time. Faculty shall indicate in their syllabus how much advance notice they require from a student requesting an accommodation. Faculty may use their judgment as to whether the observance in question is important enough
to warrant an accommodation, although the presumption should be in favor of a student’s request. The Offices of Institutional Diversity, the Dean of Students, and the Ombud are available for consultation."

Thus faculty are to be flexible in allowing student observers to make up school work missed on the official or commonly recognized high holy days. Supervisors are urged to show the same sensitivity regarding employees.

The following websites may be helpful in identifying the high holy days of various religions:

The following website may be useful for adding the high holy days to your Outlook calendar: