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Student Spotlight: Jacqueline Seals

Name Jacqueline Seals

Degree Program DrPH
Concentration Epidemiology
Hometown Saint Joseph, MO
Previous Institutions Truman State University

What do you like most about the UK College of Public Health?

For me, it would be the people. While deciding on where to attend for my MPH, the interactions I had with the faculty and staff made the choice easy for me. It is the same reason I decided to stay for my DrPH. While at UK, I have met many faculty members who have inspired my career choices and research interests and have become something of career role models for me.  I would also have to say that the UK CPH has some of the best students who have helped me survive completing my MPH and now my DrPH.


Are you engaged in any research activities?

I am currently a research assistant for Dr. Brown working with the Kentucky Violent Death Reporting. Through this assistantship, I have gotten the chance to develop various studies I plan to complete while I am a student.  During the fall, I took on a project to examine trends of drugs used in a violent death with a focus on heroin and benzodiazepine use.


What are you involved with on and off campus?    

On campus, I am a member of UKSPHA, which has given me many great opportunities to volunteer in the community with programs such as the Miracle League. I am a student ambassador, which has given me the opportunity to meet other students in the College of Public Health that I would not normally have the chance to meet and I have gotten the opportunity to share my love of the college with prospective students. I am also a research assistant with the Kentucky Violent Death Reporting System, which has inspired my career goals.

Off Campus I work for a well-known local catering company. Through this job I have gotten to see an increased part of Kentucky. I have also volunteered to play a victim for Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) and with organizations such as The Miracle League, AVOL. I hope to continue my work with CERT and go through the program myself.

What do you hope to do when you graduate?

I hope to gain an appointment as an Epidemiologist with the CDC. I want to work in the injury prevention & control branch either studying violence prevention or to work in Emergency preparedness.


What made you decide to study public health?

While in undergrad, I was introduced to public health by a friend who convinced me to consider a major in Health Sciences. This choice eventually led me to taking an Intro to Epidemiology class as an elective. Through my experiences in this class, I knew I wanted to be an Epidemiologist. Due to the passion of the professors in my program, as a student I was able to get a hands on experience in public health, which only drove my passion for public health. My other experiences in undergrad only reinforced this passion. While I was a student, they managed to pass smoke free ordinances in the town and started to work on passing smoke free ordinances on campus. Additionally, I helped lead a program teaching 2nd graders about being environmentally friendly.


What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love to bake. As most who know me well know, I usually bake when I am stressed or have a problem I am trying to solve! I greatly enjoy going to the arboretum, spending time with friends, or trying to teach my cat tricks (so far she only knows how to play fetch on occasion). When I have large amounts of free time I can be found working on puzzles. I have recently found a love of disc golf.


What is one thing you would like people to know about you?
I am a stress baker but I tend to not eat what I make; so, when I am stressed out, and I have time to bake, there will most likely be baked goods!