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Beastly Bugs, by Steve Parker
Bug Book: Harmless Insect Controls, by H. Philbrick
Bug Hunters
Dangerous Insects, by Missy Allen
Gardeners Bug Book, by Cynthia Wescott
Gardening without poisons, by Beatrice Hunter
Getting the Bugs Out of Organic Gardens
Good Bugs and Bad Bugs ln Your Garden
Insect Attack, by Christopher Lampton
Insect Pests, by George Fichter
Insect Pests of Farm Garden and Orchard
Insects and Allergy, by Claude Albee Frazier
Insects Around the House, by D. M. Souza
Insects in the Garden, by D. M. Souza
Insects in Your Life, by Charles Curran
Poisonous Insects, by Lionel Bender
Silent Spring, by Rachel Carson
What Bit Me, by D. M. Souza
Ant Cities, by Arthur Dorros
Ant Colony, by Heidero Fisher/Nagel
Ants, by Wilhelm Goetsch
Bees, Wasps & Hornets and How They Live, by Robert M. McClung
Exploring the World of Social Insects, by Hilda Simon
Insect Societies, by E. O. Wilson
Journey to the Ants, by Bert Holldobler
Mysterious Castle Builders, by Tom Lisker
Wasps, by Sylvia Johnson

Animals and Plants That Trap Them, by Philip Goldstein
Carnivorous Plants of the World, by J. Pietropaolo
Carnivorous Plants, by Adrian Slack
Carnivorous Plants, by J. F. Waters
Creatures of Mystery, by Janis Fortman
Cultivating Carnivorous Plants, by Allan Swenson
Insect-Eating Plants and How to Grow Them, by Allan Slack
Insects and Flowers, by Oda Hidetomo
Insects and Plants- The Amazing Partnership, by Irving Adler
Milkweed and Its World Of Animals
Pitcher Plants: the Elegant Insect Traps, by Carol Lerner
Plants That Eat Animals
Plants That Eat Insects
Plants and Insects Together, by Dorothy Parent
Secrets of the Venus Fly Trap, by J. Weder
Traps and Lures of the Living World, by Joan Rahn

All Color Book of Insects, by Michael Tweedie
Answers About Insects, by Ronald Rood
Aquatic Insects and How They Live, by Robert McClung
Atlas of Insects, by Michael Tweedie
Audubon Society Book of Insects, by Les Line
Backyard Insects, by Millicent Selsam
Bats, Butterflies and Bugs: Activities, by S. Adams Sullivan
Battle on the Rosebush
Bees, Wasps, and Hornets and How They Live, by Robert McClung
Billions of Bugs, by Harris Petie
Book of Big Bugs, by H. Petie
Bug Book, by H. V. Danks
Bugs, by Nancy Parker
Bug Clan, by Ross Hutchens
Bug That Laid the Golden Eggs
Bugs of the World, by George McGavin
Butterfly Cycle
Catch a Cricket
Chirping Insects, by Sylvia Johnson
Concerning the Habits of Insects, by F. Balfour-Browne
Creepy Crawly Songbook, by Carl Davis
Deadly Bugs and Killer Insects
Dogs Book of Bugs Drawings, by Peter Parnall
Everyday Insects, by Gertrude Allen
Exploring the Insect World, by Margaret Anderson
Field Book of Insects - US and Canada
First Aid for Insects and Much More
First Book of Bugs, by Margaret Williamson
First Look at Insects, by Millicent Selcam
Freaks and Marvels of Insect Life, by Jane Burton
Grassroot Jungles: a Book of Insects, by Edwin Teale
Grzimeks Animal Life Encyclopedia, by Bernhard Grzunek
Hop, Skim, and Fly An Insect Book, by Ross Hutchins
How Insects Live, by Walter Blaney
How to Draw Butterflies, Bees, and Beetles, by A. Zaidenberg
In a Patch of Fireweed, by Berhard Heinrich
Insect Almanac, by Monica Russo
Insect Fact and Folklore, by W. Lucy
Insect Guide to Orders and Major Families of North America
Insects and Crawly Creatures, by Angela Royston
Insects Life: The World You Never See, by Theodore Rowland
Insect Life, by Michael Tweedie
Insect Magic, by Bloch Kiell
Insect Structure and Function, by R. F. Chapman
Insects: An Illustrated Survey of the Most Successful Animals
Insects In the Pond, by Oda Hidetomo
Insects and How They Function, by Phillip Callahan
Insects, by Ross Hutchins
Insects of the World, by Walter Linsensnaier
Insects of the World, by Anthony Wooten
Insects Their Biology and Cultural History, by B. Klausnitzer
Insects Are All Around Us
Introduction to Entomology, by John Henry Comstock
It's a Good Thing There Are Insects, by Allan Fowler
Junior Book Of Insects Interesting Facts
Katydids The Singing Insects, by Barbara Ford
Let's Look at Insects, by Harriet Huntington
Life and Love of the Insect, by T. Alexander
Looking at Insects, by David Suzuki
Marvels of Insect Life
Mysteries and Marvels of Insect Life, by Jennifer Owen
99 Gnats, Nits and Nibblers, by May Berenbaum
99 More Maggots, Mites and Munchers, by May Berenbaum
Pleasure From Insects, by Michael Tweedie
Pleasures of Entomology
Seguys' Decorative Butterflies and Insects
Small Worlds, by Helen Russell
Strange Insects and Their Stories
Strange Lives of Familiar Insects
Water Insects, by Sylvia Johnson
We Like Bugs, by Gladys Conklin
What Is an Insect?, by Jennifer Day
Wonderful World of Insects, by Albro Gall
Busy Bugs, by Ada Graham
Find the Hidden Insect, by J. Cole
Fabulous Insects, by Charles Neider
Guide to Observing Insect Lives, by Donald Stokes
Hidden Messages, by D. Van Woerkom
How Insects Communicate, by Dorothy Patent
Insect Builders and Craftsmen
Insect Hibernation, by Liz Oram
Insect Migration, by Liz Oram
Insects Do the Strangest Things
Insects and the Homes They Build
Insects and Their Homes
Insects Build Their Homes, by Gladys Conklin
Insect Travelers, by John Kaufman
Insect Worlds
Insect World of J. Henri Fabre
Life On a Little Known Planet
Monarch Butterflies, by Alice Hopf
Where Do Insects Go In the Winter?, by Oda Hidetomo

Evolution of Insects, by Philip Callahan
Flying Giants of Long Ago, by John Kaufman
Insects: The Creeping Conqueror and Human History
Insects: Their Biology and Cultural History
Man and Insect Allies and Enemies, by Leonard Newman
Plague Killers, by Greer Williams

Bug Book, by Kathy Darling
Bug Club Book, by H. V. Danks
Bug Circus, by Lester Swan
Common Insects Of North America
Exploring The Insects
Familiar Insects of America, by Howard Evans
Insect Pets- Catching and Caring For Them
Insects as Pets: You Can Make an Insect Zoo
Insect Zoo- How to Collect and Care for losects
Let's Go Outdoors, by Preston Duncan
Pet Bugs: A Kid's Guide, by Sally Kneidel
What We Fmd When We Look Under Rocks, by Jean Zallin
What's Under A Rock, by Robert Gannon
You Can Make an Insect Zoo, by Hortense Roberts

Diary of a Monarch Butterfly
Encyclopedia of Insects and Arachnids, by Christopher O'Toole
Harlequin Moth Its Life Story, by Millicent Selsam
Insects and Their Young, by
How To Know The Immature Insects
How Insects Grow, by Gladys Conklin
History of the Butterflies, by John Feltwell
Insects and Their Young, by Ross Hutchins
Moths and How To Rear Them, by Paul Villiard
When Insects Are Babies, by Gladys Conklin

Beetles Lightly Toasted, by Phyllis Naylor
Big Blue Bug Goes to Paris, by Virginia Poulet
Bug City, by Zorach Ipcar
Buggy Riddles, by Katy Hall
Bugs!, by Pat McKissack
Bugs Poems, by Mary Hoberman
Eric in the Land of the Insects, by Godfried Bowmans
Flit, Flutter, Fly
Glowworm Bedtime Book, by Lynn Calder
Going Buggy- Jokes About Insects, by Peter Roop
Great Bug Hunt, by Bonnie Dobkin
Icky Bug Alphabet Book, by Jerry Pallotta
Incognito Mosquito Flies Again, by E.A.Hass
Incognito Mosquito Private Insective, by E. A. Hass
Incognito Mosquito Takes To the Air, by E. A. Hass
Insect Riddles, by Kate Hall
Joyful Noise Poems For Two Voices
Ladybug, by Robert McClung
Lady Bugatti, by Joyce Maxner
Land of the Big, by Jan Mogensen
Lightey Club, by Marilyn Singer
Little Bug, by Dick Gackenbach
Miss Spider's Tea Party, by David Kirk
Never Say Ugh To A Bug, by Nonna Farber
Spider Kane, by Mary Pope Osborne
Trouble in Bugland

Borne on the Wind
First To Fly, by Robert Moulton
NOTE: These books can all be found in the Lexington, KY, USA Public Library. Check with your local library or bookstore if you are interested in obtaining these books in your area.

List compiled by Doris Raney, updated by Stephanie Bailey
University of Kentucky Entomology Department

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