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Wee Beasties - Entomology Newsletter for Teachers
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Critter Casefiles
We've added a new feature to our website, Critter Casefiles. Come explore information about common insects, spiders, and other arthropods of Kentucky, complete with "mugshots" and lots of great information!

Night Insect Walk and Other Public Events
Visit our events page to learn about the times and places where you can learn more about entomology, including our permanent display at the Lexington Explorium and the Night Insect Walk, which happens every summer.

Educational Games
  • Help Scout Cat match pictures of beneficial insects and pests in this bingo-like game. Includes player game cards, templates for overhead transparencies or display sheets, information about each insect, and instructions.
Insects in the Classroom - Lesson Plans
Flour Beetles
  • Students make observations of the behavior and life stages, and investigate food preferences, of flour beetles.
Choose an Insect
  • Students use printed and electronic resources to study an insect of their choice, then write a short report and present their findings to the class.
Termite Trails
  • Students use the scientific method to observe the behavior of termites in a series of experiments and draw conclusions.
Insects A-Z!
  • Students use the Internet and library resources to find insect common names that begin with each letter of the alphabet, then write a brief description of each insect, focusing on what the insect eats, where the insect lives, and what kind of immature form the insect has.
Beneficial Bug Scavenger Hunt
  • Students learn to identify several beneficial insects and spiders, including predators and pollinators, then record numbers and types of beneficial insects and spiders that they discover in the outdoors, and discuss ways that the insects and spiders that they observed are adapted to be pollinators or predators.
The Great Spider Debate
  • Students go on a "spider safari" to find spiders around the house, yard, garage, or barn and observe their ways of life, then they return to the classroom to debate the pros and cons of the web-making way of life versus the roaming hunter lifestyle.
Is This Bug Dangerous?
Get This Bug Off of Me!--a guide to Kentucky's dangerous and not so dangerous insects and their relatives.
Introduction to Insect Collecting (4-H Project Units)
Kentucky 4-H Entomology Unit I
  • Insects and Their Relatives
  • Insect Body Parts - Grasshopper
  • Making an Insect Collection
  • How to Collect, Pin, Label, and Identify Insects
  • How to Make a Collecting Net, Killing Jar, Storage Box, and Display Box

Kentucky 4-H Entomology Unit II
  • More Insect Body Parts -- True Bugs and Beetles
  • How Insects Grow and Change Form - Types of Metamorphosis
  • How to Card Point Small Insects
  • Spreading Butterfly and Moth Wings
  • How to Make Light Traps, a Relaxing Jar, Pinning Block, Spreading Board, and Aspirator

Kentucky 4-H Entomology Unit III
  • More Body Parts - Bees/Wasps and Flies
  • How to Collect and Preserve Immature Insects
  • How to Identify Some Common Immature Insects.
  • How to Rear Insects in Cages
  • How to Build Various Types of Rearing Cages

Kentucky 4-H Entomology Leader's Guide
includes suggestions for
  • Resource Personnel
  • 4H Club or Classroom Activities
  • Leading Discussions, Demonstrations, Illustrated Talks
  • Field Trips, Experiments, Games and Contests
  • Collections and Exhibits
KSU Guide to Beginning Beekeeping (PDF)
Starting An Observation Guide of Honeybees | (PDF Version)
General Guides
Using Insects in the Classroom: A Teacher's Guide to Six-Legged Science
Classroom Mascots
Collecting Insects

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