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State Geology Series

The Logic of Geologic Maps

Various geologic coverages of the state

Description of Coverage Click to Download by FTP (file size)
Kentucky Mine Mapping Information System Mine Maps GIS Data Download Page
Coal Exploration Sites kycoal.ZIP (0.33 Mb)
Ecoregions of Kentucky (0.13 Mb)
Ecoregions of the U.S. (level III) (3.1 Mb)
Ecoregions of the U.S. (level III-IV) (12.5 Mb)
Simplified Geology of Kentucky kygeol.ZIP (4.2 Mb)
Geologic faults--1:24,000 kyfaults24k.ZIP (2.77 Mb)
Geologic Structure Contours--1:24,000 kystructure.ZIP (40 Mb)
Karst geology--1:500,000 (1.1 Mb)
Kentucky Quarries kyquarry.ZIP (0.01 Mb)
Oil and Gas Wells Download the shape file
Kentucky Soils SSURGO Soils by County (2-22 Mb)
Soil Survey Point Observations (0.9 Mb)
Sinkholes in Kentucky Sinkhole Data
1-minute Carter coordinate grid CARTER1.ZIP (1.4 Mb)
5-minute Carter coordinates CARTER5.ZIP (0.07 Mb)


Lithologic Patterns and Symbols Used on Kentucky Geological Quadrangle Maps

Map--Level III Ecoregions of the U.S. (2.7 Mb pdf)