Discussion from McGrain and Currens (1978)

Elliott County is located in the coal field area of northeastern Kentucky. It is a well-dissected upland area. Local reliefs of 250 to 300 feet are common. Locally, precipitous sandstone bluffs rim the valley walls.

The highest elevations are found in the western and southwestern parts of the county. The highest point, 1,340 feet, is on the Elliott-Morgan County line, which is also the drainage divide between the Little Sandy and Licking Rivers. Locust Knob, at 1,316 feet, is another high point, in north-central Elliott County.

The lowest elevation in the county is about 645 feet. This is the normal pool level of Grayson Lake and the approximate elevation of Little Fork of Little Sandy River at the Elliott-Carter County line.

The elevation of Sandy Hook, the county seat, is 775 feet. Other elevations include Ault, 1,133 feet; Bell City, 770 feet; Isonville, 690 feet; Little Sandy, 790 feet; and Newfoundland, 802 feet.

The 7.5-minute topographic quadrangle maps that cover Elliott County are shown, by name and by index code (Kentucky Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Cabinet) on the index map.

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