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Mary Molinaro
KY-NDNP Principal Investigator
Associate Dean for Library Technologies
W.T. Young Library
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506-0456

Kopana Terry
KY-NDNP Program Manager & Oral History Archivist
Special Collections
M.I. King Library
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506-0039

expand Former KY-NDNP Advisory Board Members
Dr. Beth Barnes
Director, School of Journalism and Telecommunications, University of Kentucky
Richard Belding (retired)
Director, Public Records Division; Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives
Mary Margaret Bell
Coordinator, Archives and Retrieval Systems, Jefferson County Public Schools, Louisville
Dr. Terry Birdwhistell
Dean, University of Kentucky Libraries
Dr. Tracy Campbell
Professor of History; Director of Undergraduate Studies, University of Kentucky
Brad Carrington
Chief Bibliographer, University of Kentucky Libraries
Al Cross
Director, Institute for Rural Journalism, University of Kentucky
Clara Potter (retired)
Head, Special Collections and Archives; Morehead State University
Rebecca Ryder
Director, Keeneland Library (retired Preservation Librarian, University of Kentucky Libraries)
Phyllis Spiker
Genealogist, Special Collections and Archives; University of Kentucky
Dr. Mark Summers
Professor of History, University of Kentucky
David Thompson
Executive Director, Kentucky Press Association
Mary Winter (retired)
Branch Manager, Special Collections; Kentucky Historical Society, Frankfort
Enid Wohlstein
Director, Kentucky Virtual Library
Dr. George Wright
President, Prairie View A&M University, Prairie View, Texas

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