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From April through July of 2011, KY-NDNP produced a series of minute-long episodes taken from Kentucky's digitized historic newspapers. Each podcast examines Kentucky's journalistic craft in a mostly light-hearted, always informative, fashion.

Executive Producer: Stacy Yelton | Produced by: Kopana Terry, John Lumagui, Alan Lytle | Written by: Kopana Terry | Engineered by: John Lumagui | Video Production by: Kopana Terry | Voicing by: Kopana Terry, John Lumagui, Joe Conkwright | Music by: Ellis Marsalis Mozartiní

Kentucky's pioneering ways in NDNP made possible meta | morphosis [university of kentucky film-to-digital institute]. From 2006 through 2009, the KY-NDNP team lead the institute from the University of Kentucky campus with 2 days of intensive instruction. Every aspect of film-to-digital production is covered; from making good microfilm to applying good metadata to the digital data. In 2012, meta | morphosis was transformed into a collection of self-paced learning tutorials freely available to anyone around the world with internet access.

meta | morphosis

In 2009, KY-NDNP produced a short film about our in-house newspaper digitization production process. It debuted later that year at Chronicling America's 1 million page celebration at NEH in Washington, DC. A humorous version of the same film can be seen on our YouTube channel.

In June 2010, KY-NDNP Principle Investigator, Mary Molinaro, spoke with then University of Kentucky president, Dr. Lee T. Todd, about the historic newspaper digitization program UK Perspectives.

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The team at Kentucky has done great work in assisting new NDNP projects.
~ Mary E. Downs, NEH

I am very grateful for the hard work that must be involved in this process...I just wanted to express my appreciation to those who do such important work.
~ Alan Ross

Having the Springfield Sun available online has been very helpful in researching my family history. Thank you!
~ Carolyn Thomas

The Digitization of Historic Newspapers on Microfilm: The Kentucky Experience was featured in the Spring 2009 issue of Microform and Imaging Review Volume 38, No. 2

Paging through the Past: Kentuckyís Newspapers on the National Newsstand was featured in the 2008 fall issue of Kentucky Libraries Spectrum of the Future Volume 72, No. 4

Several articles appear in Kentucky Council on Archives publications. They are:

The U.S. National Digital Newspaper Program: University of Kentucky Libraries was featured in the 2006 issue of Newspapers of the World Online: U.S. and International Perspectives. Proceedings of Conferences in Salt Lake City and Seoul

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