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SERA 45 is a Southern Extension and Research Activity that brings together a group of research and Extension faculty and staff at universities in 13 states to address the need for crop diversification throughout the region. View the full participant list.


What We Do

Baskets of vegetables for sale at a farmers marketAgricultural production is a vital part of the economy of Kentucky and other states across the U.S. The states participating in this project (Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Utah, Washington and West Virginia) are home to 533,620 small farms that have annual gross sales of less than $250,000 (USDA NASS Agricultural Statistics 2017). This project will conduct assessments of resources and resource needs on a regular basis with a view toward Extension, education, and publications/products related to crop diversification. Participants will:

  • Develop research-based production information about crops and systems that have potential to be profitable for small farms 
  • Coordinate research and Extension activities among participants
  • Expand the activities of the Center for Crop Diversification to include price reports (farmers markets, produce auctions, farm to school, and retail) from the participating states
  • Conduct market research in the participating states on consumer preferences and marketing channels that are most effective and profitable for small farms

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 Minutes from the 2023 SERA 45 annual meeting


Who We Are

Packaged strawberriesThe SERA 45 collaborative includes a talented and diverse group of researchers and Extension personnel from:

- Horticulture (fruit, vegetable and nursery crops)

- Agricultural economics

- Sustainable agriculture

- Organic production


View full participant list (PDF)