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Budgets are useful for planning your operation, developing a realistic business plan, applying for financing or grants, and evaluating potential crops.


Fruits and Vegetables

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2022 Vegetable and Melon Budgets (Large Scale) (CCD-BG-10), University of Kentucky (.xlsx)

2022 Vegetable and Melon Budgets (Small Scale) (CCD-BG-11), University of Kentucky (.xlsx)

For printable versions of the 2022 vegetable and melon budgets, please visit

  • Includes the following Crops:
Beans, Green Okra Squash, Winter
Broccoli Pepper, Bell Sweet Corn
Cabbage Pepper, Jalapeño Sweetpotato
Cucumber Potato Tomato
Eggplant Pumpkin Watermelon, Seeded
Muskmelon (Cantaloupe) Squash, Summer Watermelon, Seedless

Asparagus Production Budget for Kentucky (2016), University of Kentucky (PDF)

Economic Considerations for Apple Production in Kentucky (CCD-FS-14) (2020), University of Kentucky (PDF)

2017 Kentucky Blackberry Cost and Return Estimates (ID-149), University of Kentucky (PDF)

Blueberry Budgets for Kentucky (2019), University of Kentucky:

     2019 Blueberry Cost and Return Estimates (CCD-BG-2) (PDF)

     2019 Highbush Blueberry Budget - Pick Your Own Marketing (CCD-BG-3) (PDF)

     2019 Highbush Blueberry Budget - Wholesale/Retail Marketing (CCD-BG-4) (PDF)

Peach Cost and Return Estimate Spreadsheet (CCD-BG-12) (PDF)

2019 Interactive Peach Budget Spreadsheet (CCD-BG-13), University of Kentucky (.xlsx)

2019 Peach Budget Spreadsheet (CCD-BG-13), University of Kentucky (.pdf)

Kentucky Matted Row Strawberry Profitability Estimated Costs and Returns (CCD-BG-5) (2019), University of Kentucky (PDF)

Sample Budget for Small-Scale Commercial Tomato Operations, University of Tennessee Extension, 2022 (PDF)

Sample Budgets for Large-scale Bell Pepper Operations and the Impact of Phytophthora Blight on Farm Revenue and Costs, 2022, University of Tennessee Extension (PDF)

Enterprise Budget for Cherry Tomatoes, Practical Farmers of Iowa



2016 Kentucky Grape Costs and Returns: Budget Summaries and Assumptions, University of Kentucky (PDF)

Grape Production Budgets for Kentucky (2016), University of Kentucky:

     Vinifera Wine Grape Varieties (PDF)

     French-American Hybrid and American Wine Grape Varieties (PDF)

     Table Grape Varieties (PDF)

Wine Grape Regional Marketing and Price Outlook (2011), University of Kentucky (PDF)

Winery and Vineyard Feasibility Workbooks, Iowa State University Extension 


Nursery, Greenhouse, and Ornamental Crops


Greenhouse Cost of Production Budgets, Rutgers Cooperative Extension

Virtual Grower, USDA

  • An energy cost calculator for greenhouse growers.

Pot-in-pot System Cash Flow Worksheet (2009), University of Kentucky (.xls)

Ornamental Gourd Production in Kentucky, University of Kentucky (PDF) 


Other budgets and budgeting tools

Potential Profits from a Small-Scale Shiitake Enterprise, University of Kentucky (PDF)

Beginning Farmer Center and Leopold Center Enterprise Budgets, Iowa State University

  • Numerous fruit, vegetable, nursery, and other crop budgeting tools that could be adapted to Kentucky. 

Clemson University Enterprise Budgets, Clemson University

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