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Produce Food Safety


General Resources

The Kentucky Produce Food Safety Program

Understanding the U.S. Food Safety Regulatory System

Dehydrating Fruits and Vegetables for Home Use

Packing and Storing Publication

Produce Safety Alliance Sanitizer Excel Tool

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Produce Best Practices Training (PBPT)

Produce Best Practices Training is a Kentucky-specific voluntary basic food safety training available through local extension offices. This program is a prerequisite for sampling certificates and a good idea for anyone growing produce. It replaces the GAP training offered through extension offices.

Contact: Paul Vijayakumar, or 859-2571546


Third-Party GAP

Some buyers will require that their vendors go through a third-party audit to verify the food safety practices of their farm. If your buyer requires an audit, then your best first step is to contact Bryan Brady. Bryan is the Cultivate Kentucky Senior Extension Associate and will provide one-on-one free consultation to determine what kind of audit is right for your farm.

Contact: Bryan Brady, or 757-651-6692



The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is the biggest piece of food safety regulation to happen in decades. There are specific parts of the rule that affect produce growers growing at certain scales. Not everyone is affected by FSMA in the same ways. If you haven't already, consider using our FSMA tool to assess your status. If you just completed the survey, click here to find out about additional support and resources.

Contact: Paul Vijayakumar, or 859-2571546



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