Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

As you pursue academic and research excellence on campus, all UK departments and units are required to complete a BCP to ensure your department is prepared to respond to various types of operational interruptions. This BCP will help you plan not only for major disasters (e.g. total loss of a building) but also lesser interruptions to service (e.g., the computers are down). It puts planning in perspective and makes it more likely that crisis response will run smoothly.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

Readiness & Preparedness

  • Department Identification
  • Department Functions
  • Human Capital
  • Leadership 

Activation & Relocation

  • Communication
  • Staff Readiness
  • Continuity Facilities

Continuity of Operations

  • Records Management
  • Information Technology
  • Internal & External Dependencies


  • Devolution of Control
  • Test
  • Train
  • Exercise
  • Plan Maintenance

Goals of Business Continuity

Business Continuity ensures that maximum service levels are maintained during a crisis and that departments recover from interruptions as quickly as possible

Business continuity plans must be reasonable, practical and achievable. We are not planning for every possibility that could cause an interruption; instead, we are planning for the effects of any interruption. For example your building may be unavailable for many reasons (fire, flood…), but the effect is still the same: you cannot work in that location.

Some UK departments have specialized needs and and require unique resources to perform their duties. The BCP template will address each of these needs and guide you through your planning process.

How to use the BCP TemplateThe template consists primarily of inquiries for you to consider and room for you to record your responses. A hazard and vulnerability assessment tool is also available to use in conjunction with the BCP template. It includes natural, technological and man-made hazards, along with hazardous materials worksheets that examine probability and severity in identifying your departmental specific and overall relative threat. You may access the hazard and vulnerability assessment tool here.

Completion of the plan will provide your department with a basic continuity and recovery plan. We encourage you and your team to discuss your own continuity and recovery preparedness, then include any extra information you believe would be valuable.

If you have any questions about the BCP, or if you need additional assistance in your continuity planning, please contact Laurel Wood, Business Continuity Coordinator with the Division of Crisis Management and Preparedness at or (859) 257-6655.