National Campus Safety Month

National Campus Safety Month

Colleges and Universities across the nation recognize National Campus Safety Awareness Month during the month of September. The Division of Crisis Management and Preparedness, in partnership with the University of Kentucky Fire Marshal's Office, provides learning opportunities to enhance existing knowledge surrounding topics of safety. University of Kentucky observes National Campus Safety Awareness Month in a variety of platforms across our campus. 

Live Burn

Every year, the UK Fire Marshall's Office re-creates a room to the same specifications of a typical UK residence hall using the same building construction materials and furniture. A small flame is introduced to the room and in a matter of minutes, the fire develops until it is extinguished by the Lexington Fire Department. The Live Fire Burn demonstrates firsthand how quickly a dangerous situation can develop and the importance of reacting and evacuating immediately. Fire extinguisher training, free t-shirts, and fire safety information is also provided at this annual event.

Stop The Bleed

Research suggests bystanders with little or no scientific training can save lives during an emergency incident. Similar to responding to respiratory distress with CPR or an AED during cardiac arrest, compressing a wound after a traumatic injury improves the chances of survival for trauma victims. 

UK offers a course called Stop the Bleed, an initiative developed by the American College of Surgeons. For more information on the class please contact Becca Williams at

UK Alert

UK Alert is an emergency notification system designed for use only when an incident disrupts normal campus operations or threatens the immediate health and safety of the campus community. UK students, staff and faculty may access and update their UK Alert account via the myUK portal. Parents, media, visitors and other interested parties may register for UK Alert on a voluntary self-subscription basis by clicking here.




S.T.A.R.R. (Self-Defense Tactics and Risk Reduction) is a free self-defense course open to women and members of the LGBTQ* community aged 13 and older. This course aims to help individuals take an active interest in their own safety. Taught over the course of three consecutive days, offers participants an opportunity for overcoming fear of helplessness, allows those with past sexual assault trauma to transform that experience into a positive, healing experience. Participants are taught to assert themselves physically and verbally by yelling commands "no" or "stop" with every elbow punch, sweep kick or palm heel strike to a padded instructor.

LiveSafe App

LiveSafe is a free mobile app made available by the University of Kentucky Student Government Association and the University Police Department. Designed to prevent crime and enable better incident response, the LiveSafe technology includes an app for smartphone users that is connected to a cloud-based dashboard. This dashboard is monitored by PD officials within the UKPD dispatch center.

The app provides a quick, convenient, and discreet way to communicate directly with University of Kentucky Police Department about potential risks and threats before they escalate, thereby enhancing your overall safety.

Users can share information anonymously with UK Police, navigate campus with an interactive map, summon emergency help, access emergency information, and watch a friend walk to safety virtually through the SafeWalk feature.

Citizens Police Academy

CPA is an 8-10 week course designed to pull back the curtain of mystery behind law enforcement. General topics include:

  • University Policing Overview
  • Criminal Procedure
  • K-9 Operations
  • Firearms / Use of Force
  • DUI Investigation
  • Crisis Management and Preparedness (CMP)

Course material will be presented through lecture, audio-visual aids, and interactive scenarios.