Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get work with UK?

A: Consultant Services- Requests for consulting services are placed on our web page as needed.
Follow the posted instructions for any project(s) that may be of interest to your firm. An updated SF 330 form are required from any firm doing business with the University. The University's review committee will review and rank responses based on criteria specific to the project.

Contractor Services- Projects requiring outside contracting companies are bid through the UK Purchasing Division. Purchasing advertises on the web, or you can follow the link from our homepage.


Q: How does UK pay me if I have a project?

A: Consultants- Submit invoices to Capital Project Management's Business Office, Room 222 Service Building.
Business Office audits your invoice based on your contract for the project and then forwards to the CPMD Project Manager for approval of payments.
Business Office prepares a UK pay document to forward to Accounts Payable (A/P).
Accounts Payable keys the information in the UK accounting system and a check cut and mailed from Accounting.

Contractors: Contracts must complete a pay request form provided by CPMD.The pay request is submitted to the consulting firm for the project.
The consultant has 10 days to review and approve payment. The consultant forwards the pay request for the UK Project Manager, Room 222 Service Building.
The Project Manager reviews the work complete and materials stored. If acceptable, it is audited and forwarded to the Business Office.
The Business Office approves and forwards the documents to A/P.
Accounts Payable keys the information in the UK accounting system and a check cut and mailed from Accounting.


Q. What is a Per Diem Consultant and how does the process work?

A: A consulting firm who is listed on a Per Diem master contract with UK for a yearly "Not-To-Exceed" amount of $150,000.
As small projects are established, the project manager recommends a design firm that is listed on the master contract. If approved, the project manager will request a proposal from the firm to perform specific functions on a project. If the proposal is acceptable an "assignment" is made to perform the work.
Assignments cannot exceed $75,000 in fee and are generally much less. The total of all assignments to any one firm for a year cannot exceed $150,000.
The fee amounts are monitored through the year to insure the $150,000 cap is maintained.


Q: How do I get to the Capital Project Management Office?

A: Directions are located here.


Q: Where do I park?

A: Parking is available on the streets on both sides of our building (Limestone or Upper Streets). There is also a pay to park structure located behind our building and can be entered via Limestone and Upper Street.


Q: What is the largest project you have?

A: At the present time, the largest project underway is the Patient Care FacilityResearch Building at a scope of $450,000,000.