Alternative Loans

  • The University of Kentucky is providing you with information regarding alternative loans to assist you in making an informed decision about funding your education. Before you look at alternative loan funding, make sure you have researched and used all federal and state financial aid funds that are available to you.
  • As you explore alternative loan options, keep in mind what is most important to you and select the program that meets your personal financial situation. Choosing an alternative loan is a long-term decision — it will be with you long after you have graduated. Being informed now could save you time, difficulties, and money later.
  • If you would like to access a comprehensive comparison chart of all lenders used by University of Kentucky students within the last three years, please click on the Alternative Loan Comparison Chart. The University of Kentucky does not recommend one lender over another, nor do we participate in any agreements or arrangements with any lender. You are not limited to the lenders listed on the Comparison Chart and may borrow with any lender of your choice.
  • Loans will not be processed for a calendar year (January-December) or for a 12-month period of any combination (May-May, August-August, etc). The loan period will be adjusted to reflect the current academic term or last term of enrollment within current academic year.
  • If you have questions concerning a specific alternative loan program, please contact the lender directly.