Find Your Counselor

Financial aid counselors will respond to voice and email messages as soon as possible.  Phone, email and walk-in traffic is extremely heavy during the opening weeks of each semester and throughout the summer months; consequently, it may take 2 to 3 days for your counselor to respond.   Your counselor reserves the right to request you to call them or have you come in to our offices rather than answering you questions via email. This is due to a number of reasons that might include additional required information, privacy issues, etc.

- It is critical that you include the student’s full name and UK ID number in all paper and email correspondence submitted to the financial aid office.

- If you want to schedule an appointment with your Counselor, please click on their name and fill out the form.


Alphabet Counselor:          Position: Phone: Office # E-mail:
A, B Amy Stiltner Financial Aid Counselor 859-218-1267 127-C (left)
C, D Felecia Proctor Financial Aid Counselor 859-218-1764 127-K
E,F,G, HA Nick Barnes Financial Aid Counselor 859-218-1293 127-I
HB, I, J, K Beth Mekus Financial Aid Counselor  859-218-1263 127-B
L, M Jennifer Belcher Financial Aid Counselor  859-218-1301 127-B
N, O, P, Q, R Ashley Mundy Financial Aid Counselor  859-218-1430 127-H
S, T Kaarla Stamper Financial Aid Counselor 859-218-1432 127-C
U, V, W Lexie Foellger Transfer Liaison/Counselor 859-218-1284 127-E
X, Y, Z David Prater Athletic Aid/Counselor  859-257-6554 128-G