Staff Directory

All staff members are available to see students, but you must first stop at the reception desk in Room 127 of the Funkhouser Building.

Personnel at the reception desk can answer most general questions and will direct you to the appropriate person for more specific assistance.


Name Title
Belcher, Jennifer Financial Aid Counselor
Bialk, Kathy Executive Director
Birchett, Michael Director of Counseling & Outreach
Brooks, Raymond Financial Aid Coordinator (College of Medicine)
Brown, Donald Financial Aid Coordinator (College of Dentistry)
Bryan, Tina Financial Aid Counselor
Bryant, Rhonda Deputy Director for Policy and Strategic Initiatives
Copher, Sandy Director of Academic Scholarship Programs
Grannis, Cole Assistant Director, Compliance & Athletic Aid
Vacant Financial Aid Counselor
Massarone, Matt Outreach Coordinator
Mekus, Beth Financial Aid Counselor
Miley, Jackie Senior Associate Director (ProSAM System Coordinator)
Monzione, Bill ProSAM IT Support / Senior Systems Analyst (SLCM)
Nave, Mollie Financial Aid Counselor
Patterson, Denzel Financial Aid Counselor
Payne, Asia William C. Parker Scholarship Director
Peters, Laura-Beth Assistant Director for Student Eligibility and Verification
Rice, Chassidy Financial Aid Counselor
Roberts, Grant Award Letters/GRE Waivers
Rowe, Sherry Financial Aid Counselor
Shepherd, Crystal Assistant Director, Scholarships
Stamper, Kaarla Financial Aid Counselor
Stiltner, Amy Assistant Director (Federal Direct & Private Loan Coordinator)
Taylor, David Financial Aid Counselor and Interim Federal Work-Study/Emergency Loans
Thomas, Terri Jo KEES/State Aid Coordinator
Ware, Kate Director of Funds Management & Audits
Wells, Rita Outside Scholarship Coordinator, Foster Adopted/Police Fire Waivers