Bird Netting Pictures and Ideas for Bramble and Blueberry Plantings

These pictures show several bird netting setups and the techniques that commercial and backyard growers have devised to install that netting over brambles and blueberries. These pictures show how to use relatively inexpensive materials, or items you've saved "in case I need it" to assemble a bird net structure. The commercial netting structures are ones that have proven to be reliable over several years. The pictures are arranged in this order, down this page:

A few guidelines:

In most back yard plantings, there is a row or two of plants. Draping a net over a row and closing gaps at the ground is adequate, and inexpensive. In a commercial planting, it is more economical to span a net over the entire planting. Furthermore, enclosing the entire planting speeds up picking, and makes it far more enjoyable for U-pick customers. Additionally, where single rows are covered, having to lift netting up for picking, and then re-securing it to the ground increases labor costs.

The longer the plant rows are, the more important it is to brace the end posts. Strong winds exert a heavy load on netting, contrary to what it would seem.

For the same reason, it is critical to attach the net to the canopy wires, and keep the netting tight, so it does not flap in the wind.

Most of the netting we have seen is relatively resistant to ultraviolet (UV) light. We at the University of Kentucky have been able to apply the same netting for five seasons. However, we only leave the net up during harvest.

Once birds have found food, it is difficult to discourage them from continued feeding. Birds eat fruit long before you consider it ripe, so apply nets before YOU can see fruit coloring.

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Clip ties and tensioners for net and wire

Single Row Netting (for Homeowners)

Multiple Row, or Canopy Netting (Commercial Applications)

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Example Two

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