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Undergraduate Programs

  • B.S. in Horticultural Sciences
    The Horticultural Sciences degree program is for students with an interest in horticulture (fruits, vegetables, floral design, greenhouse, and nursery production). The program offers two tracks – one with an emphasis horticultural production and management and one with a science emphasis for those students with an interest in attending graduate school following the B.S. degree. The science track emphasizes coursework in botany, plant physiology, and horticultural science as well as an undergraduate research experience.
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    HPLS Internship Program (Word file)
    HPLS Internship Program (pdf)
  • B.S. in Agricultural and Medical Biotechnology
    Agricultural and Medical Biotechnology (ABT) is an interdepartmental program that combines basic scientific concepts with problem solving and critical thinking skills to address medical and agricultural issues. ABT students complete coursework that provides a firm foundation in the principles of genetics and molecular biology of both prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms. Each student specializes in an area appropriate to their career objectives, including microbial, fungal, plant, insect and mammalian biotechnology.
  • B.S. in Sustainable Agriculture
    The Sustainable Agriculture degree is a College-wide, interdepartmental program for students interested in a sustainable approach to agricultural production systems. supported by Through UK's SAG Undergraduate Degree Program, students can obtain a Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Agriculture within the Individualized Programs track. Students in other majors can obtain a Minor in Sustainable Agriculture. UK's SAG program is hands-on, featuring field-based coursework and an apprenticeship at the University of Kentucky Organic Farming Research and Education Unit, the home to our 150-member UK Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Distilling, Wine and Brewing
    The undergraduate certificate will provide students in any undergraduate degree program at the University of Kentucky exposure to the DWB industries. The 12 credit hour Undergraduate Certificate is tailored to be broad and allow students to obtain introductory training in three distinct tracks Distillation, Wine and/or Brewing. Further information about the program can be found at


Graduate Programs


Scholarships and Clubs

  • Scholarships
    Students in the HPLS undergraduate program have been very successful in competing for scholarships offered by the College of Agriculture, the Department of Horticulture and national horticultural scholarship programs. A list of available scholarships, their qualifications and application dates are provided at the HPLS scholarship page.
  • Horticulture Club
    The HortClub is a student-led organization that provides extracurricular opportunities for students in the HPLS major as well as allied majors like Landscape Architecture and Sustainable Agriculture. Joining the HortClub provides students with access to student leadership roles in the club as well as a great opportunity for out-of-class educational experiences. The club hosts industry and faculty speakers, participates in intercollegiate competitions (like the PLANET student field days), out-of-state tours, picnics and other social outings. In the past, clubs have planned study tours to great domestic  and international locations (like the Pacific Northwest and Alaska,  China, New Zealand, and Europe).