Information for Commercial Growers

This section contains links to thousands of pages of information about plants. The best way to view this site is to search for a plant or a keyword. Information is organized as follows:

Fruit Alerts

  • UK offers alerts for commercial fruit growers to provide timely disease, insect and cultural information. These include KY-Apple-Alert, Blackberry-Alert, Blueberry-Alert, Grape-Alert, Peach-Alert, and Strawberry-Alert listservs. The listservs are free, and one can sign up for as many as desired.  These are sent out only as needed, and are only available by e-mail. To sign up for these listservs, contact Chris Smigell at

Turfgrass Information

Horticulture Videos

PowerPoint Presentations

  • The Department of Horticulture Web site is now featuring PowerPoint presentations on several topics. Click here to see a list of available topics.


  • Access Newsletters (FruitFacts, HortMemo, Kentucky Vegetable Growers' Newsletter).

Other Resources