Common buckeye

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Common buckeye 
Junonia coenia

Wing span: 
1 5/8 to 2 3/4 inches 

Caterpillar hosts plants: 
leaves of the figwort family (Scrophulariaceae) including snappdragon, Antirrhinum; toadflax, Linaria; figwort, Scrophularia; and other plants including monkey flower, Mimulus; plantain, Plantago; ruellia, Ruellia; verbena, Verbena; water speedwell, Veronica

Adult food:  
prefers nectar from the aster family (Compositae) including aster, Aster; chicory, Chchorium; gumweed, Grindelia; knapweed, Centaurea; coreopsis, Coreopsis; and also visits dogbane, Apocynum; peppermint, Mentha

open, sunny areas with low vegetation and some bare ground  

caterpillars and adults overwinter only in the south, eyespots may be a defense mechanism to scare away enemies, females lay eggs singly on host leaf buds and upper leaves, males patrol periodically for females, males perch on low plants or bare ground to locate females, puddles

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