Fruit and Nut Publications


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The following ‘Disease Compendia’ are available through The American Phytopathological Society, 3340 Pilot Knob Road, St. Paul, MN 55121. (800)328-7560.

  • Compendium of Apple and Pear Diseases, #41094
  • Compendium of Blueberry and Cranberry Diseases, #41736
  • Compendium of Grape Diseases, #40888
  • Compendium of Nut Crop Diseases in Temperate Zones, #42848
  • Compendium of Raspberry and Blackberry Diseases and Insects, #41213
  • Compendium of Stone Fruit Diseases, #41744
  • Compendium of Strawberry Diseases, #41949


  • American Fruit Grower. Meister Publishing Co., Willoughby, Ohio 44094. $15.95/year
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  • Fruit Growers News. P.O. Box 128, Sparta, MI 49345 (published monthly). (616)887-8615. Formerly The Great Lakes Fruit Growers News, $9.5 per year.
  • The Packer. The National Weekly Business Newspaper of the Fruit and Vegetable Industry. P.O. Box 2939, Shawnee Mission, KS 66201.
  • Kentucky Nut Growers Association Newsletter. Douglas Hines, KNGA Treasurer, 679 Townsend Valley Road, Paris, KY 40361 (4 issues per year, $5 per year association membership)



HO-6               Peach Cultivar Performance
HO-15             Growing Raspberries & Blackberries in Kentucky
HO-16             Strawberry Production in Kentucky
HO‑39             Reproducing Fruit Trees by Graftage
HO-57             Growing Peaches in Kentucky
HO-60             Growing Highbush Blueberries in Kentucky
HO-82             Rootstocks for Kentucky Fruit Trees
ID-21               Disease & Insect Control for Home Grown Fruit in Kentucky Including Organic Alternatives
ID-77               Nut Tree Growing in Kentucky
ID-92               Commercial Tree Fruit Spray Guide
ID-93               Midwest Tree Fruit Handbook
ID-94               Midwest Commercial Small Fruit & Grape Spray Guide
Bull 861           Midwest Small Fruit Pest Management Handbook
AGR-1             Lime and Fertilizer Recommendations

Hortfact  Fact Sheet - Fruit

The following can be found on the UK ‘Commercial Horticulture’ Web page.

Orchard Chemical Suppliers
University of Kentucky Apple IPM Fruit Foliar Analysis
Fruit and Nut Cultivar Nursery Sources
Controlling Apple Insect Pests
2017 Kentucky Blackberry Cost and Return Estimates (ID-149)
Site Selection for Thornless Blackberries Based on KY Low Temp. Weather Data
Site Selection for European (Vinifera) Grapes Based on KY Low Temp. Weather Data
Blueberry Cost and Return Estimates Summary
2019 Kentucky Highbush Blueberry Production Budgets - Wholesale/Retail Marketing
2019 Kentucky Highbush Blueberry Production Budgets - Pick Your Own Marketing
Kentucky Licensed Wineries
Kentucky Winegrape Growers Survey - December, 2002
2011 Regional Wine Grape Price Survey
2016 Grape Cost and Return Estimates: Summary and Assumptions
2016 Grape Production Budgets: American Wine Varieties; European and Hybrid Wine Varieties; Table Grape Varieties

The following can be found on the UK ‘Home Horticulture’ Web page.

Fruit Insects Calendar for Kentucky
Home Fruit Variety Recommendations - 2019
Kentucky Pest News
Kentucky Backyard Apple Integrated Pest Management Manual (IPM-9)

Plant Pathology

The following can be found on the UK Plant Pathology website.

PPA-24                  Apple Scab
PPA-34                  Fire Blight
PPFS-FR-T-7         Using the Maryblyt Computer Program
PPA-23                  Rust Diseases of Apple
PPFS-GEN-2          Powdery Mildew for Apple
PPFS-FR-T-2         Apple Fruit Diseases at Harvest
PPFS-OR-W-5       Shoestring Root Rot   
PPFS-FR-T-1         Peach Leaf Curl and Plum Pockets
PPFS-FR-T-8         Stone Fruit Perennial Canker
PPFS-FR-T-4         Black Knot
PPFS-FR-T-6         Cherry Leaf Spot
PPFS-GEN-1          Crown Gall
PPFS-FR-S-1         Cane and Leaf Spot of Grape
PPFS-FR-T-3         Black Rot
PPA-32                 Anthracnose of Brambles
PPFS-FR-S-3         Double Blossom of Rosette of Blackberry
PPFS-FR-S-4         Raspberry Fruit Rots
PPFS-FR-S-2         Strawberry Root Rot
PPFS-FR-S-5         Strawberry Anthracnose


Kentucky Apple Crop Management Scout Manual (Available to growers that attend Kentucky Apple IPM meetings)
The following can be found on the UK Entomology Fact Sheet website

ENTFACT-116       Three Common Kentucky Grasshoppers and Their Natural Enemies
ENTFACT-200       Peachtree Borer
ENTFACT-201       Controlling Apple Insect Pests with Minimum Insecticide Applications
ENTFACT-202       Plum Curculio
ENTFACT-203       Codling Moth
ENTFACT-204       San Jose Scale
ENTFACT-205       European Red Mite
ENTFACT-206       Nut Weevils
ENTFACT-207       Some Strawberry Insects and Related Pests
ENTFACT-208       Grape Insects
ENTFACT-210       Pecan Insects (including shellbark and shagbark hickories pests)
ENTFACT-211       Rosy Apple Aphids
ENTFACT-212       Oriental Fruit Moth
ENTFACT-214       Green Fruitworms
ENTFACT-215       Leafhoppers on Apples
ENTFACT-218       Bagging Apples: Alternative Pest Management for Hobbyists
ENTFACT-409       Japanese Beetles
ENTFACT-621       Fruit Flies

Agricultural Economics

The following can be found on the UK ‘Agriculture Economics’ website:

AEC-38                  Farmer-to-Consumer Direct Marketing
AEC-40                  Planning for Marketing Fruits and Vegetables
AEC-41                  Management of Roadside Markets
AEC-77                  Establishing and Operating a Community Farmer's Market
ID-106                    Promotion & Advertising for Kentucky's Direct Markets
ID-107                    Understanding Produce Marketing for Kentucky's Direct Markets


Grapes: Production, Management, and Marketing. The Ohio State University, Ohio Cooperative Extension Service, Publications Office, 258 Kottman Hall, 2020 Coffey Road, Columbus, OH 43210. (614)292-1607.

A Guide to Commercial Vineyard Establishment. Virginia Cooperative Extension Distribution Center, 112 Landsdowne St., Blacksburg, VA 24060. $2

Commercial Grape Varieties for Virginia. 1999, Publication number 463-019, $10, Virginia Cooperative Extension Distribution Center, 112 Landsdowne St., Blacksburg, VA 24060

Northeast Regional Agricultural Engineering Service. 152 Riley-Robb Hall, Cooperative Extension, Ithaca, NY 14853, Checks should be made out to NRAES.

NRAES-22                  Refrigerated and CA Storage for Horticultural Crops. $7
NRAES-35                  Bramble Production Guide. $45
NRAES-51                  Produce Handling for Direct Markets. $5.5
NRAES-52                  Facilities for Roadside Markets. $5.5
NRAES-55                  Highbush Blueberry Production Guide. $48

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