Faculty Publications

Publications by Department of Horticulture faculty:

Barrero, J.M.*, Downie, A.B.*, Xu. Q., Gubler, F. 2014. A novel role for the barley CRYPTOCHROME1: the light control of grain dormancy and germination. Plant Cell. 26:1094-1104. *Co-first authors

Hall, C.R. and D.L. Ingram. 2014. Production costs of field-grown Cercis canadensis L. ‘Forest Pansy’ identified during life cycle assessment analysis. HortScience 49(5):1-6.

Horowitz, S., Adhikari, U., Dirk, L.M., Del Rizzo, P.A., Mehl, R.A., Houtz, R.L., Al-Hashimi, H.M., Scheiner, S., and Trievel, R.C. (2014). Manipulating unconventional CH-based hydrogen bonding in a methyltransferase via noncanonical amino acid mutagenesis. ACS chemical biology 9, 1692-1697.

Nambuthiri, S.S. and D.L. Ingram. 2014. Evaluation of Plantable Containers for Groundcover Plant Production and their Establishment in a Landscape. HortTechnology 24(1):48-52.