Pecan (Carya illinoinesis)




Propagation Method

Seed collection: Pecan fruits are nuts. They can be collected in fall after the outer covering dries and begins to split open. It may be best to harvest fruits while they are still on the branches in September or soon after they fall to the ground because squirrels will quickly remove seeds.

Pecan nuts are edible. The outer husks should be removed from the seed. They can be stored dry for 3-5 years in air tight containers in the refrigerator.

Seed dormancy: Pecan has physiological dormancy, but some seeds may be non-dormant.

Seed germination: Stratify seeds using moist chilling for 30-60 days to satisfy physiological dormancy and speed germination in any non-dormant seeds. Following stratification, sow seeds in a nursery container to produce a seedling or sow them in a plastic container in the classroom to observe germination.

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