Applying for Graduate and Family Housing

Due to high demand for all housing types, UK Graduate and Family Housing is currently at full capacity. Applications are temporarily closed. To join the waitlist for Graduate and Family Housing, please click the button below.

Join the Waitlist

To apply to live in Graduate and Family Housing, new graduate students must be admitted to the University of Kentucky as full-time students. Returning students must be in good financial and academic standing and pursuing a full-time graduate degree. BCTC students and Visiting Scholars please see corresponding sections below.


To start your application:

  • Go to myUK (
  • Login using your linkblue username and password
  • Select Student Services
  • Select My Info
  • Select Campus Housing (this will take you into the Campus Housing portal)
  • Select Graduate Application then select the academic year in which you will be arriving. 


What we need to know on the application:


Personal Details

Here you will provide some personal details to get your application started.

Roommate Requests

You may request one roommate. The graduate student that you request must have an active application or be a current resident. You both will also be required to sign a Roommate Supplement. 

Housing Preferences

Select your housing preferences. Preferences will be taken into consideration, however, housing assignments are based on availability at the time the application is completed. 

You may revisit and update housing preferences until you have been assigned space. Once you have received your assignment, housing preferences will lock. After that, if you need to change the housing assignment, you will need to write

Meningitis Vaccination

The University of Kentucky requires all on-campus residents to have a Meningitis vaccination. Send proof of your vaccination to Please do not send to the Graduate and Family Housing office.

Criminal Background

The University requires all potential residents to answer some questions regarding background information. 

Application Fee

A non-refundable application fee is required to complete the application process.

License Agreement

Once you have received your assignment, you will be required to complete a License Agreement. Take a few minutes to read through the entire License. The License is signed with an electronic signature agreeing to the terms of the License. It is important to note that housing is for the full academic year. You will renew your License on July 1st of each year. If you cancel your License there are fees may be fees that apply.


BCTC Students

In order to receive an assignment, a BCTC student must:

  • Provide proof of full-time enrollment
  • Be in good standing (both academically and financially) with the University of Kentucky and Bluegrass Community and Technical College

Applying for Housing at the University of Kentucky is an online process that requires a UK linkblue account. BCTC Students wanting to apply for housing at UK should follow the steps below. If you already have UK linkblue credentials, please proceed to step four.

  1. Request a BCTC Link Blue account.
  2. Your information will be reviewed by the Graduate and Family Housing Office and then sent to UKIT. In one to seven business days you should receive an email from the Graduate and Family Housing Office containing your linkblue ID and your eight digit UKID number.
  3. Follow the instructions in the email to activate your account.
  4. After activating your account visit, and login using your new credentials.
  5. Select the Grad/Family Housing link on the Student Services -> myInfo tab.
  6. It will take up to 20 seconds for your credentials to be passed to the Campus Housing Portal.
  7. Select the Graduate & Family Housing tab on the blue bar.
  8. Select the application which you are applying for, and then select continue.
  9. Follow the steps to complete your Housing Application.

Visiting Scholars and all others

Please use the Housing Request form to obtain a UK ID # and linkblue user ID. You will need both to log into myUK to apply for Graduate and Family Housing. Once you have obtained your log in credentials, you will need to revisit this page and follow the steps in “Begin” at the top of this page.