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Applying for Housing

Fall 2022 Housing Update

The University of Kentucky housing application for Fall 2022 closed on June 1, 2022. We are no longer accepting applications at this time.

The University of Kentucky is anticipating a record first-year class of students this fall. We will be prepared for housing for every student who has completed their housing application by the June 1 deadline and confirmed a Big Blue Nation Orientation. Our Room Selection order of process is based on the date we received your completed housing application. If you experience difficulties in choosing a room during Room Selection process, please know that we anticipate that this will be temporary. 

We have created a follow-up list and are working through this list as Big Blue Nation Orientations occur over the next few weeks. As students adjust their living plans, and previously unavailable rooms become available, our housing team will work to place students in those rooms. If you confirmed your attendance by June 1 and have a housing application on file with us, you will receive a room assignment for Fall 2022. 

Someone from our team will reach out to you by July 15 once a space has been made available. 

We ask for your patience and understanding as we work through this process as quickly as possible. 

The housing application deadline for returning students was Tuesday, May 3. Returning students who submit housing applications after the deadline will receive housing assignments only as space allows. Due to capacity constraints, we may not be able to fulfill new requests.

Students with completed housing applications should check their email frequently for important updates regarding room selection and LLP confirmation. Be mindful of deadlines and take action accordingly.

If you have any questions about Campus Housing, including students who have decided to withdraw their housing application, please reach out to us at

For more information on the incoming first-year class and confirmation availability, visit

Before You Begin

To apply to live on campus, new students must be admitted to the University of Kentucky. Returning and eligible BCTC students must be in good financial and academic standing.

Once admitted to UK, your information could take up to 24 hours to be updated in our system. If you apply to housing within 24 hours of receiving admittance to UK, please be patient as your information is being updated within our system. If you have any issues after the 24 hours, please email us at or call us at 859-257-1866.


To start your application:

  • Go to myUK (
  • Log in using your linkblue username and password
  • Select Student Services
  • Select My Info
  • Select Campus Housing (this will take you into the Campus Housing portal)
  • Select Undergraduate Application then Fall 2022 and Spring 2023

Personal Details

Help provide us with some personal details to get your application started off right.


Provide us with some information about your background.

Living Learning Program

An important part of deciding where to live on campus is deciding if you are going to apply for a Living Learning Program. A Living Learning Program, or LLP, is a group of students with similar majors or interests who live in a specific residence hall. Our Living Learning Programs allow you to be part of an active, tight-knit community focused on your interests, majors, or career path. Our communities are designed to help you be successful both inside and outside of the classroom and help you make the most of your college experience. Visit the Living Learning Program website to learn more about the different programs to choose from for the 2022-2023 academic year. 

The Early Action Track deadline to apply for LLPs is February 15. If you are in the Regular Decision Track, you will need to complete the LLP section of the application by May 20. You have the option to apply for up to three (3) LLPs. Keep in mind your acceptance into the LLP will determine your building location, as each community resides in specific residence halls. Aside from the Community of Scholars - Honors Quad, all LLP students will be roommates with another member of their LLP.

There are four steps to joining an LLP:

  1. Apply to Housing
  2. Preference up to three (3) LLPs and complete the essay question (if required)
  3. Receive LLP Offer
  4. Accept the LLP Offer by May 27

Below is a summary of the application tracks and room selection begin dates.




Deadline to Apply for Admission

December 1

February 15

Housing Application Deadline

February 15

June 1

LLP Application Deadline

February 15

May 20

LLP Acceptance Deadline

March 1

May 27

LLP Room Selection**

March 7

Starts March 10 and continues on a rolling basis until May 27

Non-LLP Room Selection*

Starts the week of June 13 based on Housing  Application complete date

*Room selection for any applicant is based on housing application complete date and space availability.

**Eligibility to participate in LLP Room Selection requires you to accept the Living Learning Program (LLP) offer via the Housing portal.


Meningitis Vaccination

The University of Kentucky requires you to have a Meningitis vaccination to live on campus. Log on to the student health patient portal to upload immunization records. Please follow these directions. Please do not send it to the Campus Housing office.

Housing Preference

To explore the details of the residential facilities and room types offered, please visit our website. You will select your own room assignment. However, we ask that you select an area of campus in case we must assign you. Listing your preference does not guarantee nor reserve a specific residence hall, room type, or area of campus.  

If you need to change your housing assignment, please participate in the Room Swap process, or contact Campus Housing for assistance.

Personal Preferences

In this section, you will complete the roommate matching questions and provide additional information about yourself to help find a suitable roommate. If the privacy flag box is checked under Personal Preferences, you will not be viewable to other students. 


Nothing is official without a signature! Your application is a legal document. Take a few minutes to read through the entire contract, then electronically sign the contract agreeing to the terms of this contract. It is important to note that housing and dining is for the entire academic year, both fall and spring semesters. If you cancel your contract there are fees that apply past certain dates. If you are under the age of 18, you must have your parent or legal guardian sign the contract.

Housing Pre-Payment

Housing pre-payment can be made beginning March 1 and is due June 1. The pre-payment is applied to the Housing Facility charges if you attend UK or BCTC and live on campus. It is refunded if you do not become a university student or have another outstanding balance. It will be applied to other outstanding University charges if you remain a student and live off-campus. This fee reserves a bed space for you (not a specific housing facility, room type, or area of campus) in the on-campus housing facilities.

Note: Failure to pay this fee does not release you from your Living on Campus contract.


Explore the dining plan options and choose the best fit for you. A dining plan needs to be selected by July 17, 2022, or you will be assigned our default plan.

Roommate Requests

Request up to three roommates if you have any. The student(s) that you request must have an active application and have made their profile public for you to choose them. You may invite, or be invited to, a roommate group. You can request your roommates at the time of completing your application. Roommate groups will need to be created and verified by the leader before moving onto Room Selection. Being in a Roommate Group does not guarantee an assignment with this group. The group leader must pull you into the same suite while going through the Room Selection process.

You do not need to have a roommate to participate in Room Selection. 

Room Selection

New students will have the opportunity to select their room and roommate that they will live within a process called Room Selection. We do not guarantee students will be able to select a specific residence hall, room type, or area of campus.

Returning students will begin selecting their room immediately, while incoming freshmen will choose their room in either March or June depending on their LLP status and housing application complete date. 

Room swap is available as soon as a student selects or is assigned their room and ends July 17 at 11:59 p.m.