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Greg Page Stadium View

Photo of exterior of Greg Page Stadium View Apartments

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2 Bedroom - Greg Page Stadium View

2021-2022 (per month, per apartment/unit)2022-2023 (per month, per apartment/unit)


One mile from the main campus, these two bedroom residential facilities are centrally heated and air-conditioned. They have vertical or venetian blinds and wall-to-wall carpeting. These residential facilities are more spacious than their counterparts on campus. A central laundry facility is available. Reservation priority for Greg Page is given — in this order — to families with children, families of more than two adults, two single individuals living as roommates, and then spouses with no other family members.


Due to high demand and need, Greg Page's two-bedroom residential units are primarily reserved for student families with at least one-child.

Address: 300 Alumni Drive, Lexington, KY 40503
Buildings: 24 buildings - 8 apartments/building - 2 floors/building


A shared laundry facility is available. Greg Page is surrounded by grassy areas and playground facilities are provided.


Greg Page apartments are located just off Alumni Drive near Kroger Field. They are within walking distance of the Arboretum in a park-like setting. The free Campus bus service is available for Greg Page residents.