Living Learning Program Descriptions


The Living Learning Program, or LLP, is comprised of 14 different Learning Communities and Residential Colleges. These different communities support student success by placing students with similar interests into smaller communities in particular residence halls. Students receive special programming, interactions with UK faculty and staff, and a supportive community. Students must apply and be accepted to a specific LLP, as space is limited.

"The Living Learning Program provides you with a wealth of opportunity. Mine has opened doors that I did not know existed."

—Lindsey Snider, Peer Mentor

Agricultural Residential College


For first year students in the College of Agriculture, Food, and Environment.

The Agriculture Residential College is for first-year students pursuing a major within the College of Agriculture, Food, and Environment who are highly motivated and interested in becoming leaders in the local and global community. Students in the AgRC will live and learn together about the value and impact agriculture, food and the environment have on the foundation of our civilization. This community provides interaction with faculty and staff, tutoring, connected courses, industry related programming and regular engagement with upper-class Peer Mentors.

Residence Hall: Woodland Glen IV

Agriculture Program Details


Audre Lorde Social Justice Community 

Image of Audre Lorde Social Justice Community logo

The Audre Lorde Social Justice Living Learning Program is for first-year students who are interested in social justice advocacy for identities like race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity. While using Audre Lorde’s writings as a template for activism, students will explore their own advocacy and create community standards for the LLP. The rooms in the Audre Lorde SJ LLP are gender inclusive. 

Residence Hall: Blazer Hall

Audre Lorde Social Justice Community Details


Business Enterprise Residential College

Business Enterprise

For first-and second year students in the Gatton College of Business & Economics

The Business Enterprise Learning Community is a residential experience designed to provide first year business students with the opportunity to explore the multidisciplinary functions of the business field through: 1) connected coursework, 2) regular interactions with faculty, staff, and peer mentors, as well as 3) networking with business executives. The community also offers second year business students the opportunity to further develop leadership and professionalism skills. The community seeks to inspire the "entrepreneurial spirit" in Gatton students and provide additional academic support for a richer first and second year experience.

Residence Hall: Jewell Hall

Business Program Details


CI Connect Community

CI Connect

For first-year students enrolled in the College of Communication and Information.

This community provides students who have declared a major or minor in the College of Communication and Information the opportunity to "connect" with other students, college faculty, and staff, all from the comfort of the Champions Court I residence hall.   This community encourages students to blur the lines between living and learning since program activities and monthly events will take place inside the residence hall.  The connected course is specifically designed for majors and minors in the college and will explore everything the college and UK have to offer.

Residence Hall: Jewell Hall

CI Connect Program Details


Community of Scholars

The Community of Scholars is a unique living-learning opportunity in the Honors Quad (HQ).  The “HQ” is the home of the Lewis Honors College and is comprised of Lewis, Haggin, Donovan and Johnson Residence Halls. The Community of Scholars is available for any student — whether a member of the Lewis Honors College or not — who is interested in living and learning in a community dedicated to enriching their academic experiences to grow intellectually, personally and socially.  

The Community of Scholars is a collaboration between the staff and faculty of the Lewis Honors College and members of the UK Residence Life staff. This community focuses on ensuring that every student finds an opportunity for engagement through participation in a variety of high-impact, academically rigorous programs that promote interaction with other students, faculty, and staff.

Location: Lewis HallDonovan HallLyman T. Johnson Hall and Haggin Hall.

Community of Scholars Details


Creative Arts Residential College

Creative Arts

For students with a strong interest in the creative and/or performing arts.

The Creative Arts Living Learning Program is for students with a strong interest or major in the creative or performing arts—from dance, music, and theatre to visual arts, creative writing, design, and arts administration. The residence hall, Limestone Park I, will house solo and ensemble music practice rooms, a performance studio with projection capabilities for dance, music and theatre, an art studio and a writing studio for a truly immersive living-learning program, located within three blocks of the Fine Arts Building, the Singletary Center for the Arts, and School of Art and Visual Studies Building. First-year students will benefit from the support of Peer Mentors already engaged with the arts at UK. Faculty from the College of Fine Arts and the College of Arts and Sciences will teach connected courses that count toward the Arts and Creativity and/or Humanities requirements of the UK Core and organize programming uniquely customized for "creative types."

Residence Hall: Holmes Hall

Creative Arts Program Details


EDLife Community

Ed Life

For any College of Education student interested in teaching.

This community offers education-related programming, school visits, mentoring, and networking opportunities; regular engagement and support from faculty and upper-class Peer Mentors; opportunities to participate in hands-on instructional activities with students of all ages. Connected coursework provides students exposure to a variety of educational topics as well as an exploration of school settings, including the STEAM (science, technology engineering, arts, and mathematics) Academy high school and Districts of Innovation.

Residence Hall: Jewell Hall

EdLife Program Details


Engineering Living Learning Program


For students majoring in the College of Engineering.

Engineering Residential College - For students in the College of Engineering. This community provides a supportive learning environment that increases student engagement and prepares participants for a successful engineering/computer science academic experience. Activities include interactions with faculty and staff along with tutoring and career workshops. Students will be assigned an upper-class engineering peer mentor as well.  Students will also have the opportunity to learn from successful engineers and computer scientists working in the field.

Residence Hall: Woodland Glen III

Engineering Program Details


First Generation Community

First Generation

For first-year, and returning first-generation college students.

This community is a joint venture between the Office of First Generation Initiatives and UK's Student Support Services.  Upper-class first generation Peer Mentors live in the residence hall and coordinate monthly service projects. We offer some connected courses each semester based on UK Core requirements in collaboration with your colleges’ academic advisor. Our community serves as a place for first-generation students to build the bonds necessary to succeed as the first in their family to go to college. We offer a wide-range of programming, but focus on the importance of campus and community engagement as well as helping students strengthen their academic and professional identities. Once a part of the community, you are part of the First-Generation Family for life!

Residence Hall: Baldwin Hall

First Generation Program Details


Interprofessional Healthcare Residential College


For first-year and returning students interested in healthcare and returning students who have already lived in the IHRC.

The IHRC is a high-impact, living-learning program designed for highly motivated students who are passionate about healthcare. Students participate in coursework and co-curricular activities with dedicated faculty, staff, and Peer Mentors. Examples of co-curricular activities include interprofessional healthcare lectures and panel discussions as well as professionalism and community-service opportunities tailored specifically for healthcare students. The IHRC is an active collaboration among nine UK colleges* and is open to any major. Connected courses include the following: HHS 101 (Survey of the Health Professions), CIS (Composition and Communication) 110, 111, and 112 for healthcare students, and UK 101 for healthcare students.

Residence Hall: Woodland Glen V

Healthcare Program Details


International Village

International Village

For first-year students.

The International Village provides students with a meaningful international experience right on UK’s campus. Conveniently located in beautiful Blazer Hall, students in the International Village enjoy learning about the world from and with each other. Room assignments pair students from differing backgrounds, and dedicated programming offers opportunities to explore others’ cultures and develop international friendships.Through cultural and recreational programming as well as through connected coursework, students will have regular interactions with faculty, upper class peer mentors, and staff dedicated to supporting their academic success at the University of Kentucky.

Residence Hall: Blazer Hall

International Program Details



*KHP & Wellness are now one Community

The Kinesiology and Health Promotion (KHP) and Wellness Community (KHPW LLC) is a residential experience designed for students who share a common interest in health and wellness, and/or interested in pursuing a career in the areas of exercise science, physical education, or health promotion. Students in this community are exposed to social and professional activities allowing for an exploration of the various avenues associated with kinesiology and health promotion. These include interaction with peers and faculty, connected courses, engagement with upper-class peer mentors, and programming dedicated to professional development, networking, and community-building. Participating students are also encouraged to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle while leading and education others to do the same.

Residence Hall: Chellgren Hall

KHP/Wellness Program Details


Service and Leadership LLP

This living learning program is open to any residential first-year or second-year student who has a desire to develop and enhance their leadership skills while becoming active citizens in their local, regional, and global communities. Students will form relationships with others who share these interests and will learn from others student leadership experiences and develop a great awareness of diverse perspectives. 

The community is rooted in strengths-based leadership, with all members of the community utilizing the Gallup CliftonStrengths program to better understand strengths related to personal persistence and leadership opportunities. All community members will take the Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment at the beginning of their first-year in the community, and the focus on strengths, along with the active citizenship continuum, will be the foundational philosophies for this community. 

Residence Hall: Holmes Hall

Service and Leadership Program Details




Open to any first-year student interested in a STEM major.

STEMCats is designed to teach students about careers and research within the endless possibilities of the STEM disciplines and expose them to research opportunities as a freshman. Students in STEMCats attend the FastTrack* program, arriving on campus a week before UK officially opens. FastTrack gives them an early start in math, biology, and chemistry classes, building confidence in their academic preparation as a first-year student. Upper-class STEM majors serve as mentors throughout the year. STEMCats participants will present their research in April through UK’s Showcase of Undergraduate Research. STEMCats delivers a unique beginning for students interested in a STEM major. This Residential College is offered by the College of Arts & Sciences.

Residence Hall: Woodland Glen II

STEMCats Program Details

*FastTrack cost $109 in 2019. Check for latest information.