Room Selection



What is Room Selection?

Room Selection is the process which gives you, the student, the ability to choose exactly which room you will live in.

How do I participate in Room Selection?

You will be given a time slot that will be used to select your room via the online application. This will be part of the application which you have already completed, accessible via the myUK portal and Living on Campus application.

Will I be participating in Room Selection?

Yes, you will participate in Room Selection if you have a completed housing application. In order for you to have a housing assignment, you must select your own room through the Room Selection process.

When will I participate in Room Selection?

Based on when you were admitted to the University and when you completed your housing application, you will be emailed a time slot stating which day and time you will participate in Room Selection. For those who accept an LLP offer, you will receive your Room Selection timeslot on March 8th. For those who are not in an LLP, you will receive your Room Selection time slot on June 9th. We strongly encourage that you select your room space as close as to when your time slot opened so you can have optimal choices when selecting your room.

What if I don’t have a confirmed roommate?

If you do not have a confirmed roommate, others without a roommate will be able to see you in your room space. They can also see the profile information you submitted as part of your application, if you have chosen to display this information. This is how they can tell if they you might have some common interests and be good roommates.

I’m in an LLP, will my roommate also be in the LLP?

All LLP students are required to live with students in their same LLP.

What does "Hidden" mean?

When viewing students whose name appears within a bed space, you can hover your mouse to find out more information about that person. If they have chosen not to make their information public, the term “hidden” will appear when you hover your mouse over their name.

What if I want to change the room I selected?

The Room Swap function gives you the opportunity to change your building/room. Room Swap will allow you to see what other buildings/rooms are available and to move yourself into a new space. If you are in a Living Learning Program (LLP), you will only see bed spaces within that LLP.

If you have a roommate(s), you will NOT be able to change the bed space of your roommate(s). All students must individually go through Room Swap if they wish to change their current bed space. If you and your roommate(s) would like to change rooms together, we suggest that you and your roommate(s) go through Room Swap at the same time and communicate with each other while you are searching for a new room.

You do not need to have a roommate to participate in Room Selection. If you choose to have a roommate(s), make sure the roommate group is created during the Roommate Requests part of the application and before participating in Room Selection. Any roommate can select and pull in the remaining roommate(s). Each roommate group will have a leader. Your group leader is the only student allowed to change the entire group’s assignments should your group wish to stay together but select a different unit. Your group leader can change your assignments in the Room Swap section of the application.

Once you select your new bed space, your original bed space will be cancelled. There is not a way to hold your previous bed space. You can certainly go through Room Swap again to see if you can get back into your previous bed space, but there is no guarantee that it will still be available. You can go through Room Swap and change rooms as many times as you want up until 11:59 PM on July 18.

What if I have questions?

If you have any questions throughout the application process, including Room Selection and Room Swap, please call us at (859) 257-1866 or email us at

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