Your Hall Staff

Each residence hall has a live-in staff of Resident Advisors (RAs) and Resident Directors (RDs) who are there to help you succeed. Our staff is carefully selected and trained to help you adjust to being on campus and being a student at UK. They plan activities, support academic achievement, help students become involved, enforce policies and other measures to make sure our halls are safe and much, much more.

Your R.A.

Resident Advisors are students who live and work on a floor or wing in the residence halls. RAs share your concern about classes, grades, and campus life. They help residents get acquainted, answer questions, distribute information, assist students with problems, and help uphold policies. RAs are trained to provide information to students or refer them to those on campus who can best assist them. Take some time to get to know your RA, they can be a great resource for you. If, after living in the halls for at least a semester, you are interested in applying to be an RA, apply online at

Front Desk Staff

Office Assistants are full-time staff who answer the front desk phone, sign guests in and out, sort mail, and answer questions for residents and guests Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. They also love getting to know residents, so stop by and say hello!

Facility Front Desk 
Baldwin Hall (859) 323-1507
Ball Hall (859) 629-3780
Blazer Hall (859) 629-3778
Boyd Hall (859) 402-2826(
Chellgren Hall 859) 629-3779
Donovan Hall (859) 317-6145
Haggin Hall (859) 629-3781
Holmes Hall (859) 402-2780
Ingels Hall (859) 323-1508
Lewis Hall (859) 286-3162
Jewell Hall (859) 629-3777
Johnson Hall (859) 629-3942
Smith Hall (859) 323-1506
University Flats (859) 286-3161
Wildcat Lodge (859) 257-2601
Woodland Glen III (859) 629-4240
Woodland Glen IV (859) 629-4446
Woodland Glen V (859) 629-4447

Resident Directors

Each hall has a Resident Director who is responsible for the overall management of the building. The RD supervises the RAs and Office Assistants, advises the Hall Government, and serves as a resource person for residents. If you ever want to get more involved in the hall, have a problem you need help with, want a room change, or have any questions, your Resident Director is a great person to seek out.

Residence Life Main Office / Leadership Team

The Residence Life Main Office is located at 575 Patterson Office Tower. The Leadership Team oversees the overall operation of the residence halls and provides support for staff and students living in the halls. The Leadership Team is made up of the following staff members:

Director of Residence Life: Justin Blevins 
Associate Director for Residential Operations: Steve Stauffer
Associate Director for Residential Education: Lisa Williams
Assistant Director for Staff Training & Development: Vacant
Assistant Director for Student Conduct: Libby Hogan
Assistant Director for Residential Curriculum: Kenyatta Jeter
Assistant Director for Staff Recruitment: Lisa Lockman
Assistant Director for Student Leadership & Development: Susan Wilton
Assistant Director for Living Learning Program: Jimmie Jones
Assistnat Director for Strategic Initiatives: Chris White

Leadership Team members serve as liaisons with other university departments in order to assist residents. These other departments include custodial services, maintenance, academic units, UKPD, the Fire Marshall's office, and other offices within Student Affairs and the broader campus community.

Contact information for these or other Residence Life staff members can be found at