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1. What is the process to participate in the Family Education Program (FEP)

You need to go through the same processes as other students as far as applying for admissions and registering for classes. Once admitted, the Registrar will assign a registration window for you to register for classes. Once you register for classes, you will need to turn in the Family Education Program (FEP) discount form. A new form must be submitted each semester you wish to receive the benefit.

2. What requirements determine dependent eligibility for the Family Education Program (FEP)?

All eligible, regular full-time employees may choose each semester (Fall, Spring, Winter or Summer (Summer I and Summer II combined) to use either their Employee Education Program benefit or, if they have been at UK for at least one year, the Family Education Program benefit. Under the FEP, the employee may designate an eligible spouse/child/sponsored dependent/child of sponsored dependent to receive a tuition discount for undergraduate, for credit, classes only. The student must be registered as a post-high school graduate to receive the benefit.

3. Is there a combined FEP discount if both an employee and spouse/partner work at UK?

Spouses/partners who both are regular, full-time University of Kentucky employees and have eligible service may combine their discounts for an eligible dependent if the employees are not using EEP for the requested semester.

4. What is the discount my dependent is eligible for?

The percentage discount ranges from 10 percent to 50 percent percentbased on the employee’s length of continuous regular full-time service at UK (see below). The discount will be applied to the student’s total undergraduate tuition and mandatory fee charges (it is not subject to a cap on the number of credit hours). The discount will not be applied to program, late registration fees, course related fees or textbooks.

Length of Service Discount

  1. Less than 1 year of service = no discount
  2. At least 1 year, but less than 2 years = 10 percent discount maximum per semester
  3. At least 2 years, but less than 3 years = 20 percent discount maximum per semester
  4. At least 3 years, but less than 4 years = 30 percent discount maximum per semester
  5. At least 4 years, but less than 5 years = 40 percent discount maximum per semester
  6. At least 5 years = 50 percent discount maximum per semester

5. At which schools may a dependent utilize the tuition discount?

The dependent tuition discount can only be utilized at the University of Kentucky. It will not be honored at any other college/university or through Independent Study.

6. Can dependents take online or distance learning courses with the tuition discount?

Yes. Only UK online, undergraduate level courses are eligible.

7. Are there deadlines as to when the dependent FEP form must be submitted?

Yes. To receive the tuition and mandatory fee discount through FEP, the dependent must complete a Family Education Program Form and turn it into Employee Benefits on, or before, the deadline established by the official academic calendar. If the dependent does not meet the established deadline for submission of the Family Education Program Form, then the dependent may be assessed late fees. The last possible date an employee may submit the Family Education Program Form to request the tuition and mandatory fee discount is the last day of class for the semester in which the discount is requested. View the FEP/EEP schedule table.

8. Why doesn't the discount cover all of the fees related to my dependent's class?

As with EEP, some University of Kentucky classes have fees that are not eligible to be covered by the tuition waiver or discount. It is the student’s responsibility during registration to be aware of those fees not covered by FEP and to make timely payments in order to avoid additional late payment penalties.

9. Will my dependent's discount be revoked due to academic performance?

Yes. A dependent's status as a student shall be governed by the University Senate Rules and the Code of Student Conduct or the Rule of the Senate of the Community College System.

10. How many hours per semester and academic year is a dependent eligible for?

There is no cap on the number of credit hours taken during the academic year for dependents. The FEP benefit is based on a percentage of the total tuition and mandatory fees per semester, unlike EEP, where if in excess of six credit hours are scheduled in a semester, then the number of classes shall not exceed two classes. The academic year is defined as the period beginning with the fall semester and continuing through the eight week summer session. The discount applies for both part time and full time students.

11. Can my FEP discount be split to accommodate for more than one dependent attending class during the same semester?

No. However, if both an employee and spouse/partner work at the university and are not utilizing EEP and have two dependents, they may designate each individual FEP discount to those separate dependents.

12. If my dependent drops a class after the semester has begun, will he/she be responsible for payment?

No. However, the tuition discount will be adjusted to ensure the correct discount is applied to the tuition/mandatory fee balance. For example, if a class is dropped after the last day for a full refund, the discount will be adjusted to accommodate for either the 80%, 50% or full tuition/mandatory fee charges. Reference item 14 below for more information regarding changes to student's schedule.

13. What happens to my dependents FEP discount if I terminate employment with UK?

If an eligible employee separates from the university prior to the first day of class, any previously approved tuition discount shall not be honored and the student will be responsible for full payment. On the same token, if the employee terminates after the first day of class, the tuition discount will remain active for that semester.

14. Will the FEP discount be available for graduate or doctoral classes?

No. The FEP discount is available for undergraduate in-state tuition/mandatory fees only.

15. Will my eligible dependent still be eligible to receive the FEP discount when I retire?

Yes. If at the time of my retirement, an eligible dependent is receiving an FEP discount, that dependent will be eligible to continue receiving the discount, throughout the time they are completing their undergraduate studies.

16. Will the FEP discount cover Study Abroad courses?

Yes, however Study Abroad course are broken down, in that charges are calculated for approximately one hour. The additional charges are considered program fees and the discount will not apply. If you have questions please contact the EEP and FEP plan administration at 859-257-8772.