EEAA (Employee Education Assistance Award)

Employee Educational Assistance Award

2018-2019 Chair
Mia Farrell

The Fall 2018 application is now closed.  Applications are now being reviewed.

Award Information

 The UK Women's Forum Educational Assistance Award will provide a $250 reimbursement to eligible UK employees to assist with the cost of books and/or other materials, supplies, and fees related to their UK coursework, complementing the existing tuition waiver program (Employee Education Program [EEP]) for UK employees.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must be regular full-time employees (0.75 FTE and greater)

Applicants must have submitted an EEP form

Applicants must be currently enrolled in University of Kentucky classes, excluding independent study program courses

Previously enrolled students are required to have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or better. First time college enrollees are encouraged to apply.

Applicants are required to take all courses for a letter grade unless the course is offered only as Pass/Fail.

Employees taking classes through EEP at any educational institution aside from the University of Kentucky cannot be considered for this award.

Selection Process

The UK Women's Forum Educational Assistance Award is a competition in which applications will be evaluated and ranked by committee members. The decisions of the selection committee are final. The committee will consider the applicant's:

1) Essay describing how this award will support the applicant's educational and career goals;
2) Financial need, as demonstrated in the essay;
3) Biographical sketch;
4) Cumulative college grade point average (if applicable)

Current members of the UK Women's Forum Board are ineligible for awards.

Fall 2018 Application Timeline: 

•         Application open                  August 6th                                      

•         Deadline for applications          August 28th                  

•         Review Applications                     September 5-12                                                                                                   

•         Send Awardee Emails/Letters         September 21 


Spring 2019 Application Timeline

•         Application open                                         December 17, 2018          

•         Deadline for applications                             January 14, 2019                              

•         Review Applications                                    January 15-18, 2019                       

•         Send Awardee Emails/Letters                      January 25, 2019                             


Summer 2019 Application Timeline

       Application open                                           April 22, 2019               

•         Deadline for applications                             May 13, 2019                                   

•         Check for 6 credit hours & 2.0 GPA            May 17, 2019                                

•         Review Applications                                     May 20-24, 2019                        

•         Send Awardee Emails/Letters                    May 31, 2019