Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can join?  

UKWF is open to any employee at the University of Kentucky regardless of gender identity.  We welcome faculty and staff from all areas of campus who seek to empower, validate, inform, include and celebrate women employed at the University of Kentucky. 


Why should I be a member of UKWF?  
        - Be among outstanding individuals who dedicate themselves to making UK a better place to work. 

        - Enhance leadership and teamwork skills. 

        - Participate in networking opportunities with a diverse group of individuals. 

        - Access to year-long professional development opportunities.

        - Member discounts on annual conference. 

        - A space to share your voice to influence change on campus.

        - First to hear about Women’s Forum events and receive sign up link before it goes out to the general public.

        - Engage in meaningful volunteer opportunities.

        - Strengthen the campus community for employees. 


What do general members do?  

General members are recruited or self-appointed and they are encouraged to serve on one or more committees, including Programs & Engagement, Communications, Sarah Bennett Holmes Luncheon and the Fall Conference. If general members elect to serve on a committee, they will meet regularly within their committees and are encouraged to attend the monthly board meetings.  


How do I become a general member?  

All you need to do to become a member of the UKWF is join the listserv!  You can email us at to be added.


UKWF Board:  


Who can run for the UKWF Board?  

Any regular employees who are in positions which are funded on a recurring basis or are expected to be funded for one year or longer and have an employment period of at least nine months are eligible to serve on the UKWF Board.  


How do I run for the UKWF Board?  

UKWF Board elections take place through a self-nomination process.  Individuals interested in running for the Board are encouraged to self-nominate during the month of March.   


When do elections take place?  

Elections take place each spring semester.  The nomination period typically opens in April and runs for about 3 weeks.   


What is the time commitment for Board members?  

Most Board positions are for a term of two (2) years.  Board members are required to attend monthly board meetings, UKWF programs and events, and the annual conference.  Each Board member also serves on a committee and attends additional committee meetings.  Work outside of meetings may include planning for programs and events, additional committee meetings, or serving on an Ad Hoc committee.  


Events and Programs: 


Who can attend UKWF events?  

UKWF events are open to any employee of the University of Kentucky!  


How do I find out about UKWF events?  

You can find out about our upcoming events by joining as a General Member, signing up for our listserv, or following us on social media @ukwomensforum  


Do I have to attend programs in person?  

We do our best to offer a virtual option for each of our programs and events.  Virtual options are typically on Facebook Live or via Zoom.  Check out our social media and newsletter for more information about how to join us virtually.  


Will monthly professional development programs be recorded? 

We will record each of our monthly professional development workshops and upload them to our YouTube channel (with the permission of the speaker).  Subscribe to our YouTube channel here.


Women's Forum Conference: 


What is the UKWF conference?  

The UKWF holds an annual conference each fall to provide professional development, opportunities for networking, and to build a community of support at UK.  Each year’s conference has a different theme.  You can find more information and view past themes here


When is the UKWF conference?  

The UKWF conference typically takes place in October.  * The 2021 UKWF Conference will occur December 2021.


Who can attend the UKWF conference?  

Any employee of the University of Kentucky is welcome to attend the conference, regardless of gender identity.  We want to create a welcoming, positive, and collaborative space where we can all learn from one another.  


How can I present at the UKWF conference?   

The conference committee will solicit programs in August and September preceding the annual conference.  The conference committee will review program applications and notify those who have been selected to present.  


Is there a cost to attend the conference?  

Yes. Costs associated with a ticket to the conference go toward covering the cost of the event. Tickets for the conference can be purchased through the UK ticket office. 


Where can I find recordings of the 2022 conference sessions? 

All recorded sessions are uploaded to our YouTube channel.  You can find them here. 


Employee Education Assistance Award (EEAA)


What is the Employee Education Assistance Award (EEAA)?  

The UK Women's Forum Education Assistance Award provides a $250 reimbursement to eligible UK employees to assist with the cost of books and/or other materials, supplies, and fees related to their UK coursework, complementing the existing tuition waiver program (Employee Education Program [EEP]) for UK employees. 


Who can apply for an EEAA award?  

Employees with a FTE of 0.75 or greater are eligible to receive the University's Employee Education Program (EEP) and the UK Women’s Forum Employee Education Assistance Award (EEAA). Full-time Equivalent (FTE) indicates the portion or percentage of an employee's work schedule. Ex. 1.0 FTE = 100%, 0.75 FTE = 75%, 0.5 FTE = 50%, etc. 


When do EEAA applications open?  

Three EEAA cycles occur each year (Fall, Spring, and Summer).  Follow our social media (@ukwomensforum) and our Newsletter for official opening dates for each term.  


How are EEAA recipients selected?  

The UK Women's Forum Educational Assistance Award is a competitive award in which applications will be evaluated and ranked by committee members. The decisions of the selection committee are final. The committee will consider the applicant's: 

1) Essay describing how this award will support the applicant's educational and career goals; 

2) Financial need, as demonstrated in the essay; 

3) Biographical sketch; 

4) Cumulative college grade point average (if applicable) 


*Current members of the UK Women's Forum Board are ineligible for awards. 


How will I be notified if I receive an EEAA award?  

Recipients will be notified via e-mail if they have received an EEAA award.  


Can I be awarded the EEAA more than once?   

You can receive EEAA more than once but not in the same academic year.


Sarah Bennett Holmes  


What is the Sarah Bennett Holmes Award?  

The Sarah Bennett Holmes (SBH) Award recognizes two UK employees, one faculty member and one staff member, for their contributions to issues that affect women at the University and across the Commonwealth. These awards bring recognition for efforts that would otherwise go unnoticed through typical channels. Award winners will receive a prize of $1000. All nominees will be recognized during the annual Sarah Bennett Holmes Awards luncheon in March.


Beginning in Spring 2021, there will also be a graduate student recipient and team recipient of the Sarah Bennett Holmes Award.  The Graduate Student recipient and Team recipient will be recognized at the annual Sarah Bennett Holmes Awards luncheon in March. More information on these additional awards can be found here. 


How do I nominate someone for the SBH Award?  

The nomination process will open in December or January of each year.  To nominate an individual or team, you must complete the nomination form and provide letters of support.  


When do nominations open for the SBH Award?  

Nominations for the Sarah Bennett Holmes Award typically open in December or January and are due by early February.  


Who can be nominated for the SBH Award?  

Any faculty, staff, or graduate student, or combination of these may be nominated.  Beginning in 2021, self nominations will also be accepted.  


When is the SBH Luncheon?  

The Sarah Bennett Holmes luncheon takes place each March in celebration of Women’s History Month.   


Who can attend the SBH Luncheon? 

All UK employees, community members, family, and friends are encouraged to attend the annual SBH luncheon.  Tickets are required.  


Is there a cost to attend the SBH Luncheon?  

Yes. Costs associated with the SBH luncheon go toward covering the cost of lunch and awards provided to recipients.  Tickets for the SBH luncheon can be purchased through the UK ticket office at (link)