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Upcoming Events

May 6: Staff and nursing performance evaluations will launch

May 31: Position updates due for 2018 PE

July 12: Performance evaluation due date


Welcome to the University Performance Management Site

The performance evaluation cycle for UK HealthCare follows the fiscal year. Performance evaluations will typically become available to employees in early May and are due at the end of June. Performance evaluations are based on the employee's major job responsibilities, as outlined in their job description. If you need to request an update to a job description, please follow these directions

UK HealthCare DIReCT values (Diversity, Innovation, Respect, Compassion, Teamwork) are also included and weighted toward the overall performance evaluation rating. Faculty, physicians and select other employees do not participate in this performance evaluation process. UK HealthCare Leadership have their own, separate process within the system. Information regarding this process can be found here.