Important dates

Welcome to the University Performance Management Site

The performance evaluation cycle for the university follows the calendar year. Performance evaluations will typically become available to employees in early December and are due in early March. Performance evaluations are based on the employee's major job responsibilities, as outlined in their job descriptions.

  • All full- and part-time employees who were hired on or before October 1 of the evaluation year are expected to complete a campus performance evaluation.
  • Faculty and STEPS employees do not participate in the campus performance evaluation process.

A set of core competencies, encompassing the university's shared common goals, is also included in the campus performance evaluation, but not weighted toward the overall score.

Our troubleshooting section contains technical help for your campus PE.

Our resources section contains information about Performance Improvement Plans, a detailed version of the rating scale and more.

Our videos section provides step-by-step, guided videos explaining the features and functions of the system.

Using the Team Overview Tab

We have a new tool that managers and supervisors can use to help track their direct reports’ performance evaluations through each step of the PE process, from launch to completion. Click here to learn more (pdf)