Leadership PE Toolkit

Basic Leadership Goals Information

Leadership performance evaluations are done differently from standard PEs based on major job responsibilities.

Each year, you will work with your leadership to determine five goals for the coming year. Three of these will be enterprise-level goals, while the other two are more individual focused. Your leadership may choose to "cascade" some goals down to you, which will automatically create them for you, or you may be expected to enter some or all of your goals.

Goals vary between different units and departments, and your leadership will always be the best source of information on what your goals should be. You'll always have five goals, and they should always be weighted at 20% each to equal 100%. Once you know what they should be, you'll be ready to enter them.


Entering goals

Once you are ready to enter your goals for the coming year, you can follow these instructions to enter them:

From the main SuccessFactors homepage, select Goals from the drop down menu on the top left:

From here, make sure you are in the correct goal plan. This example shows entering goals for 2023, making sure to use the 2023 HC Leadership goal plan.

From here, select "+ Add Goal" from the box on the top right, then select "Create a New Goal."

A new window will pop up, asking what type of goal you are entering. If you are creating a goal from scratch, you'll always select "Personal Goal," even if it is enterprise-focused.

From this screen, you will create the goal. Here are the first few sections of the new window:

First, select if the goal is an Enterprise or Individual goal from the drop down. Then, you will give a name to the goal in "Goal Name." Next, will explain how you will measure this goal in "Metric." All other selections should remain what they default to:

Next, enter in the Metric information in a way so the system understands how to score the goal. Using the information in the metric section, fill out the Achievement section accordingly:

Once you are finished with the goal, click Save Changes to add the goal.




How To Create Your Own Goals:

How To Fill Out Your Leadership PE: