Mid-Year Evaluations at UK HealthCare

Mid-year evaluations at UK are more informal than their year-end counterparts. The mid-year serves as a check-in meeting to catch up with your employees. While there are no forms to fill out, we can still use the SuccessFactors system to help in the process. You can add a goal to the employee's Professional Development goal plan, as well as use the system to go over the employee's Major Job Responsibilities (MJRs).

Using the PE system to check the MJRs of your team members:

Locate the My Team tile on the homepage of the SuccessFactors system, and click it.

Select the employee whose MJRs you wish to check, click "Go To", then select "Goal Plan."

Make sure you are on the correct Goal Plan, and you should see the MJRs (or for UKHC Leadership, their goals for the year).

Adding the Check In Goal to an employee's Professional Development Goal Plan

Using the same steps as above, select your employee in the My Team tile, select Go To and choose Goal Plan.

Then select the Professional Development Goal Plan from the drop down menu, click "Add Goal," then Select "Create A New Goal."

In the pop-up window, select Library Goal.

In the goal library, find and select either the appropriate Nursing Mid-Year Review goal (you may also use this for non-nursing staff) or the Leadership Mid-Year goal.

Feel free to personalize the goal if you wish on this screen. Change the date, then click Save Changes to save the goal to the employee's Goal Plan.